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Forum Good Article about Legal Recourse for Animal Abuse (4)

Good Article about Legal Recourse for Animal Abuse (4)

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The friend who told me that the profiles of serial killers often show that they abused and tortured animals at a young age, which causes the legal system to take animal abuse more seriously than before, sent me this article.

This is a very interesting article on the link between animal and human abuse, and has a section that talks about why cats are more likely to be abused than dogs.

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Excellent article! It was very sad and hard to read in places, but it's reassuring to know that empathy can be learned. I know it can be unlearned, and it's clear that cruelty can be taught in it's place. I'm also glad that more states are starting to take the connection between animal and human abuse seriously - it means more investigations and more charges (and sentences) for animal cruelty.

I just read a great book called "Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives they Transform" by Karin Winegar. I'd recommend it - a couple of chapters deal with dogs rescued from fighting rings, and prisoners being rehabilitated by working with rescued animals. It's a reaffirming book (with some lovely pictures).

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One of my favorite books as a kid (and I'm sure for many other kids of my generation) was White Fang which was at least in part about a dog who was changed from a loving family pet into a vicious fighting dog--and back again eventually. That sounds like a good book, Michelle. Thanks

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I loved White Fang! I had a copy of Call of the Wild/White Fang in a set when I was a kid. you've just reminded me to read it again.

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