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Sitting on Things (7)

Quote | 5 years ago

Anyone any theories as to why Marmite has to sit on anything new in the house or if I move something or something is out of place. So far today she has sat on my dirty clothes I dropped on floor (didnt get a chance to pick them up!), the sheets ready to go in the washing machine, my coat that 'fell' off the hook and now a bag Im taking to Dad's tomorrow. She just sits on these things for hours!???

(note: its time like these I think of MichyD (Michelle) - she would know exactly why she does this and not think me mad for asking! I miss her)

Quote | 5 years ago

Mine tend to sit on things too when I bring them in, like my bag, shopping bag etc. Yes MichyD would know, wouldn't she.

Quote | 5 years ago

I suppose Marmite wants leave her scent on everything that belongs to you, to mark it as belonging to Her - if she gets something she never had a chance to do it, she sits on it or to rub it with her jaws. Besides, cats don't like any changes of status quo - so they have to inspect anything that is unusual( to them).

Quote | 5 years ago

Your dirty clothes smell good to kitties, who love your scent. Miss MichyD too.

Quote | 5 years ago

Jee Jee loves to sit on clean cloths , especially just after ironed !

If I prepare the cloths that I would wear for the day before I take a shower ,she makes sure they are all warm and look worn by sitting and rolling on her back on them.
Sheleg loves leather ,purses and hand bags ,my friends bags go through a long love affair. He rubs,licks, kneads.....he also goes crazy with celery root(something to do with the strong smell)

Quote | 5 years ago

From what I'm reading online there's many reasons a cat may sit on something. Say it's your newspaper, that could be to get your attention because your reading it instead of petting them. Also, to add their scent to something that doesn't yet smell like a cat.. say a plastic bag from the grocery store, or new clothes. Another theory is that instinct makes them like small places, and even though the sheet of paper is smaller than the cat, and offers zero security, they "feel" they've accomplished finding their "small space" just by laying on it. I think partially the reason you can put a sheet of paper on a football field and eventually kitty will make their way over and lay on that is because they like to perch. Ok so the perch is only 1/16th of an inch higher than the rest of the room, but they're on it!

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(note: its time like these I think of MichyD (Michelle) - she would know exactly why she does this and not think me mad for asking! I miss her)

A long time ago Michelle posted in the forum that ICanHasCheezburger had published a photo of Sophie sitting in/on a travel bag. I can't remember exactly what the caption was, but it was something about Sophie telling Michelle "you can't leave without me".

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