• Black is beautiful (181)

    Why so much prejudice against black cats? They are as cute, lovable, affectionate as any other cat, but much more elegant!!! This is for all Black cats (and lovers) out there!
  • Cats who like closets and drawers (108)

    Our furry friends who love to investigate closets and drawers. Sometimes they give us the slip and get trapped inside until we realize where they are once we hear their "meow!"
  • CRO U.C. CATS (worldwide) (154)

    This is FUNCLUB for all Croatian cats, their owners and everybody who have any sympaty for Croatia or Croatian cats all over the world. Enybody who want to share anything about cats...
  • Feline Nutrition (236)

    A Club dedicated to the gathering of Nutrition Info for our Fine Feline Friends DISCUSS: What food do you feed your cat? Why do you feed them that food? How do you prepare...
  • Lazy Cats Club (715)

    For all the lazy cats that just want to nap all day in the sun or cuddled up on a nice warm sofa.
  • Mixed breed cats (1133)

    There´re many Mixed Breed cats, so If you own one, feel free to join the club!
  • Multiple Cat Family (1843)

    This is a club for anyone who has more than one cat or is thinking about adding a feline. Discuss how your cats get along, how you introduce a new member to...
  • Window Cats (138)

    A club for those cats who love sleeping or lying down on the window.