What Was UnitedCats?

A Community of Cat People

Everyone is looking for their own online community, and cat lovers are no different. United Cats was more than just a community for cat people, though. Imagine if all your favorite forms of social media came together in a cat-centered paradise, and you’d know what United Cats was.

Share Pictures of your Cats

United Cats created a community of cat people to support each other and share their love of their furry friends with each other. 

However, United Cats also served as a blog and profile for each member of the community if they so desired. If you wanted to find other people who were as excited to see pictures of your cats like you, then United Cats could deliver that for you. If you wanted a platform for blogging and discussing your thoughts and concerns or telling stories about your cats, you had that option too.

If you were looking for a place to create or sign petitions for cats’ rights, United Cats could help connect you to the right people. If you needed quotes about cats, basic medical information, or a collection of some of the best cat-related ads, United Cats had it all. You could even see when your friends were logged into the site.

Peter from Excited Cats says that ‘Finding a community of like-minded pet owners can be rewarding and is a fantastic source of information to ensure you’re giving your cat the best life possible’. On top of that, it can allow you to become a resource and part of a support system to others.

A One-Stop Portal for All Things “Cat”

United Cats was a huge forum of resources that served to better the online cat community through support, advice, and fun. Finding a space that comprehensively addresses everything you need in a community simplifies your life and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. United Cats was that resource for people across the world. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and United Cats was no different. During its time, United Cats provided a vital service to the worldwide community of cats and their people by bringing everyone together in one place.