I am 12 Jahre, 2 Monate, 19 Tage old Weiblich Domestic Short Hair, my owner is  and I am from Vereinigte Staaten, Las Vegas NV I’m called by Toot. I joined United Cats on Juli 9, 2016.

My birthday is März 1, 2007.

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It's an honor to have such a beautiful queen this week.  Congratulations lovely Tutti on your second appointment to the English throne.

Are you happy to be queen on our English site once again?

How do you plan to celebrate your time in the royal spotlight?

I'm very happy to be chosen as Queen. I will celebrate all week long and get lots of loving. My mom will spoil me.

I'm smiling

Can you tell us about yourself and what type of character and personality you have?

I'm a very happy kitty and a mommy's girl. I love to lay on my mom's lap and be brushed and petted. I like strange humans. I don't like loud noises. I'm very laid back and spoiled. 

You have a very sweet name.  What made your family decide to call you Tutti?

Are you called any other names?

My mom adopted me and that is the name they gave me. My mom liked my name it reminds her of a candy called tuttifrutti. She says I'm even sweeter than candy.

Since the last time we spoke with you, has anything new happened in your life?

Nothing new has happened to me. I'm happy to be healthy and loved. 

My favorite bed

You have 7 cat housemates.  Your last interview, you meowed that you didn't care much for Rex.  How is your relationship with him going now?

What ways do you try to get attention for yourself with so many of you?

As soon as my mom sits in her recliner I jump in her lap. Sometimes Rex will jump on her chest while I'm on her lap. I've learned not to leave unless Rex bothers me too much. Sometimes I have to wait until Rex or Bugsy are done with her, then I jump on her lap. We all find a way to get her attention. 

Many of us in the US are having a lot of snow and cold.  What's the weather like where you live in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Our weather has been cold and windy. Last week it rained in the evening then turned to snow flurries. It melted before it hit the ground. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow. We've had sunny days but cold. 

What are some of your favorite day time activities?

Do you like to play at night?

I like to sit on the window perch and watch what's going on and of course the birds. I take long naps and play some. I wait close to the front door to greet my mom when she comes home from work. 


What would you say is your best feature?

What habit of yours does your mama think is funny?

I think I'm a very good looking kitty. I would say my best feature is my loving and sweet personality. My mom thinks I'm funny when I get the zoomies and run around the house.  

Can you tell us an entertaining story about yourself?

Once I was running around the house so fast that I ran into a wall. My mom thought that was funny, after of course she knew I was alright. I didn't think it was funny. 

When one is indoors most of the time, one might be tempted to get into a little mischief once in a while.

Do you ever partake of such activities?  Can you share with us one of your naughty deeds?

I've been known to use my sleeping mom as a racetrack. One night I pounced on her head and woke her up. She was so sleepy she didn't know which one of us woke her. 

I just woke up

You'll be turning 12 years old very shortly, on March 1.  What gifts are you hoping to receive?

I'd like a new blanket. I love warm and fuzzy blankets to sleep on. 

What do you like best about being a cat?  

What do you think makes cats loved so much by the humans?

I think humans love cats for many reasons. We're cute, cuddly, loving and fun to watch and play with. We give unconditional love and when we purr we can sooth humans and help them relax and sleep. What's not to love about cats? We are the best. 

If you could describe yourself with three words, what would they be?

Sweet, pretty and spoiled. 


I'm Queen of the week 10/16/17

Thank you dear girl for a very nice interview.   Anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Let's give a Hip Hip Hurrah to our ever so charming and entertaining royal girl....


I would like to say thank you so much for this honor. I'm so happy to be chosen for such a high honor. I will do my best to be a good Queen.


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