Bee Gee

I am 12 years, 5 months, 15 days old Hun Manxkatten, my owner is  and I am from USA, Benton City, Washington I’m called by Dr. Bee Gee, Medicine Kitty; The Supervisor. I joined United Cats on december 22, 2016.

My birthday is december 7, 2006.

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december 9, 2018
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februar 19, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS lovely Bee Gee on becoming our English queen for your very first time!

Are you happy to be in the royal spotlight and have all the attention be on you?

How do you plan to celebrate your fabulous week?

Well, of course I am overjoyed at having all this attention to myself.  I think the best part of being Queen for a week is not having to share it with the rest of my housemates.  I'd like to celebrate by doing a little two-step across the kitchen!  X 

Can you tell us about yourself?  What kind of personality do you have?

What do you think is your best characteristic? 

I have a fabulous personality, as anyone who knows me will tell you.  I am the official greeter here at home.  I meet everyone at the door and sit beside them to make them feel right at home.  I'm just that good of a hostess!  I rather think my gracious hospitality is my best characteristic.  Purrsonality-wise, that is.  

You celebrate your 12th Birthday this week on December 7.  What gifts would you like to receive?

Will your family have a big Birthday party for you?

Ah yes, my birthday.  My human minions usually already get me whatever I want.  You might even say I'm spoiled.  You might say that.  But we're cats, so let's be realistic.  We should be spoiled, don't you agree Blanche?

No, no big parties here.  We did just finish Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and we're getting ready for Christmas, so I think I'll let the human folk have a break for awhile.  Besides, I can party quite nicely without them.  You should hear me "celebrate" loudly through the house at 3 a.m. X 

You're the only cat in your home, so you must be very spoiled.  In what ways does your family pamper you?

Au contraire, Blanche!  It only LOOKS like I'm an only-cat.  I am actually one-of-eight (lordy, now  I sound like a Borg!).  So you can immediately see one way in which my family pampers me - I am the only one here at UnitedCats, and so the only one being made a queen! X 

The orange-toe two-step

Can you tell us how you found your loving family?

What do you like best about your nice home?

I was just wandering in the neighborhood, lost and all alone, little kitten that I was.  I saw some people across the street from where I was walking, and they saw me.  When we made eye contact I ran across the street right to them.  I even had to run past a great big vicious slobbering growling hideous dog!!  X It was terrifying!  When they saw me they instantly fell in love with me and brought me inside, where I immediately ran under their bed and got sick.  Woe was me.  But I feel much better now.

The best thing about my nice family is they like me best!  But of course, who wouldn't?  I always come first.  Everybody else has to wait and wait and wait...X 

While most cats are afraid of the vacuum cleaner, you have a very particular liking to being  vacuumed.  Oh, do tell us more about this.

I just can't help it.  When I see than big monster being wrestled out of the closet I can't wait to have it run its nozzle all over me!  Sometimes I'll even sit down in front of it on the floor so it can't go anywhere, JUST to make it take out its nozzle!

Is there anything else you like or enjoy most in life?

Do you have anything you don't like?

Well, Blanche, since I pretty much run the house, there's not much I don't enjoy.  I can do almost anything I want.  As you can see from some of my photos. X I think about the only thing I don't really like is getting wet.  And that almost never happens.  Unless someone is washing dishes and I get splashed.  Maybe I shouldn't sit on the sink while those dishes are being washed! X 

Helping out in the kitchen

You're a Manx cat, so this makes you very special in its own.  Is there anything else that make you a special girl and your family loves the most about you?

I am lovable!  I mean, really, what's not to love?  I have a remarkable singing voice, which I prefer to exercise during the very early morning hours. I'm playful and friendly, and I keep an eye on the other kitties in the house.  I am, after all, the Supervisor.  That sets me apart from the other house cats.  Mom put ME in charge.  Need I say more?X 

We're now in the Christmas season.  Do you like to get into the decorations, maybe try to climb the Christmas tree?

What are you hoping Santa Paws will bring you this year, as we know you're on his good list, of course?

Well *ahem*  About those decorations.  Mom sorta gave up on those a while back.  A LONG while back.  She says it was TOO hard to keep us ALL out of the tree.  AND to keep us from knocking things down.  Sometimes she still hangs up a few stockings and puts some decorations WAY up high.  But she just can't bear having another Christmas tree hit the floor.  The last one we had, about seven years ago, she actually tied to the wall!  And we still managed to knock it down.  Well, not ME "we". I had nothing to do with the knockage of the tree.  Honest... X 

Oh yes. *coff* Of course, the "good" list. I haven't started my list yet, but I think Sandy Paws might have an idea of what I'd like.  X 

Can you share with us an entertaining story about yourself?

Oh ... well ... um ... does it have to be true?  As in like it actually happened?  

Supervising from the sink

From a cats point of few, what do you think about humans?  

Are you happy you're a cat?

As a cat with a bit of experience observing humans at close range,X  I think it is rather obvious that they benefit a great deal by the presence of cats.  It seems most of the humans I see are rather clueless.  I mean, just look at them!  They can't even FEED themselves!  When is the last time you saw one pounce on a mouse?X  Of course I'm very happy to be a cat. Can you think of anything better?  I mean, those humans may be inept and hopeless, but they are very trainable.  We cats have them wrapped around our paw. Most of them are laughably easy to manipulate. 

Being that you are a Manx cat, what do you think is the advantage of having no tail over felines with tails?

Well, of course there's the obvious:  My tail will never get crunched under a rocking chair.  And it will never get stepped on.  Nobody can grab it when I try to run away.  

What five words best describe you dear Bee Gee?

Loyal.  Talkative.  Inquisitive.  Sociable.  Relaxed.


Is there anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Thank you for a very nice interview and we hope you enjoy being our English royalty this week!

Let's give a raising of the paws to our ever so stylish and entertaining girl....


I really want to thank you all for giving me your recommendations. You are very thoughtful. It's an honor to be your English queen this week.  I know the holidays are coming, and I hope you all have the best one ever, no matter which holiday your family celebrates, and even if you don't celebrate at all.  Have a wonderful rest of the year!  I wish for you wonder and joy, and I hope your new year will be special beyond your wildest dreams!  May you and your families stay safe and well, and may you always have a best friend.X 


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