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Spring in England

Happy Spring to you all. Seven wonders of British springtime you must see before it's too late Following dismal winter rain and storms, spring is welcome every year when it finally breaks cover. What an amazing sight it is, especially in the south...

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. Hello my friends! Mews want to wish everyone a Happy First Day of Spring, celebrating the Spring Equinox! We get 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night! That means 12 hours of napping and 12 hours of mischief, don't...

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Mommy went to her Doctor

Mommy had to go back to see her doctor to see how she is doing, of course she is still sick. She has a bad cough and has no energy feels tired all the time. Mommy has to go get a chest...

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Hello Sprintg

Spring is here, this week we are having great weather, one day may reach 90! can you believe it...we are not ready for the hot weather, we want to enjoy spring and the cooler weather we have for a short...

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Hello Spring


It's spring! Butterflies are coming, butterflies are coming....angels sending butterflies from heaven to our loved ones. Butterfly kisses Angel in pink Tallulah

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More baths

I have been watching all my birdies and squirrels. The raccoon came once at night but we haven't seen him since. Maybe we will get a bear soon as they will start waking up. Dusty must think I am really...

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Kinda getting warmer

Today is a nice day, although chilly, the sky is pretty blue and the X is shining rain in the forecast for the entire week. Mom had the window open for a little bit yesterday as the temp made it...

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What are Kippers?

Today we are going to find out bouts Kippers. What they are and what to do with um...... A kipper is a whole herring, a small, oily fish, that has been split in a butterfly fashion from tail to head along...

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Thank you!

X X Thank you, dear friends ,,for choosing me COTW and for your wonderful pictures and gifts! It was a great week and I enjoyed my reign very.much!X

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