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General Description

This copper-eyed, black shorthaired cat with the appearance of a miniature panther was created by Louisville, KY breeder Nikki Horner.The breed´s name was inspired by the black leopard of India. They are usually entire black.

This hybrid breed combines features of established domestic breeds to create and maintain a specific new look.In 1953, Ms. Horner started selective breeding of black American Shorthair that showed rich eye colour with a Grand Champion sable Burmese female.

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Living Conditions

Bombays usually likes to be an indoor cat.. They like warm conditions and enjoy being around people. They like having one or more beds they can lay around in..They like to hide so it is good to also have fun safe places they can hide in when they want to feel safe or just be alone.  They are very active cats that enjoy play time. Bombays love to run and chase things and are good playing alone and also interacting with people.

They like things to be routine as far as the times they are feed and times to play and sleep. All cats are stedious about being clean but Bombays are really particular about how clean things are in their enviroment.  If their litter box is not clean or smells okay they will not use it.

Suitable for

They are great around people, children and other animals. The only thing with Bombays is they dont get along with all breeds of other cats. This being because Bombays are very territorial. They can get along with some but better to check it out first.  They easily adapt to most things if you introduce them to it and show them it is okay.

Since they can easily adapt they can be happy anywhere..Bombays love to be loved...If they feel comfortable with everything they can be suitable for anywhere.


Bombays are great cats. They are very sweet very paitent and very loving cats. If shown love they will be your best friend. They will want to be with you and will show you caring right back. They are also very playful and will keep you smiling. They are usually very sweet and very well mannered. If given toys and play time Bombays will rid their energy this way and never be mean or destructive.. Even though they loved to be petted and shown attention they can get easily over stimulated and they will react and let you know to stop...


Generally Bombays are very healthy cats. If taken care of they will live a long time with no real health issues even as they get older. They are very beautiful to look at and with love they will be your healthy friend for a long time. To keep their beautiful fur shiny like it should be regular brushing is recommended even tho they are short haired cats.

With them being what they call a short nosed cat they can have have some respiratory problems as they get older..This does not mean this will absolutely happen but it is somewhat common.

Contributors: Mina Catlover, Janice P and Cataclysm