Cat breeds
General Description

The Burmilla is a medium size cat with a elegant looking body. Their eyes can be any shade of green but sometimes gold or yellow when young. The are known for their beautiful silver coat. They come in long haired and short haired.

There can also be these sorts of cats that have a white coat. They're also so beautiful. They are quite active, even though sometimes they just love to rest. They are super friendly cats and super playful cats. They're not that much independent, every animal deserves a GOOD, CARING human by its side. They are really calm cats, they don't get tantrums that easily.

  • Active
  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Independent
  • Calm
Living Conditions

Burmilla cats are great climbers so you should have high perches or cat trees for them to climb. Even though they like their quiet time they do like to have play time and like lots of attention.

Suitable for

Any home ould have an amazing cat if they let a Burmilla join thier family. They get along great with children and other animals. They are playful and loving but like quiet enviroments. They are super friendly to you and super calm, so if you want a Burmilla like a cat, go for it.


The temperate of a Burmilla cat is quiet and exceptonal. They can be demanding and mischievous but also easy going and laid back.. They have lots of moments where they are so loving and so playful.


The Burmilla cat can be stocky and muscular with heavy boning. Be careful of feeding because they can have a tendency to over eat and become over weight. The average life span of a Burmilla is 7-12 years but we all know cats have lived as long as 20 years.

Contributors: Mina Catlover and Janice P