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One of the most striking features of the breed Egyptian Mau his peculiar accidental stains. The diversity exists in the position and form. Stains can be large or small, round or oblong or combinations thereof. Eye gets the impression that a mascara that begins in the corner of the eye and continues along the cheek.Egyptian Mau - PersonalityAlthough Egyptian Mau enchants all its appearance, people quickly give up on it because it is very temperamental. They like to play anything that resembles hunting, and if you let them out will become a very good hunters. Egyptian Mau is otherwise a very strong and loyal breed. Once you connect with the people will want to be with the only family where both live. Although not overly talkative, it will alert the owner if something is wrong, especially if it relates to their food. Their vote is usually a melody and a fine. While talking to people like to wag his tail and produce a variety of sounds.Egyptian Mau - HistoryEgyptian Mau is one of the oldest existing breeds of domestic cats. There is evidence in the form of images, paintings and sculptures that the cat existed during the Egyptian cat cult, in this theory, we find that the predecessor Mau was actually the same cat adored by the ancient Egyptians. Image with papyrus, 1100 BC shows Ra in the form of a cat, which cuts off the head of the evil dragon Apep. 1580 years BC on papyrus recorded quote that said the cat, "I am the cat which fought near the Persea when the enemy is destroyed neb-er-Tcher.Egyptian maui have joined the European cat in early 1900 - a team. Breeders and animal lovers in Italy, Switzerland and France worked on the development of the breed, but as has happened many purebred breeds, after the Second World War almost destroyed the Mau. In Italy, saved several few remaining copies. Troubetskoy 1956 he emigrated to the United States and brought with him three Mau. Upon arrival, he immediately began to promote the breed. That helped him animal lovers who wanted to preserve this rare and historically significant breed.Maue is almost impossible to get out of Egypt, are needed in order to continue to breed the animal. Priority has been growing due to temperament. However, in 1980 breeder Cathie Rowan brought 13 additional Mau in the United States. 1991 breeder J. Len Davidson imported four more. This gene expression is vital for the breed because of health and welfare.In 1968 CFF was the first to embrace the Egyptian Mau. Soon he accepted the CCA. 1977 championships took it CFA. Today, all major organizations have accepted this breed.Source:Discovery Animal Planet -

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