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General Description

“Cat-dog” or “Soft giant” is the most usual expressions which qualify with wonder the Maine Coon cat. Under his imposing appearance, the Maine Coon cat is a true marsh mallow. In short, he is a cat with the wild look and in the middle tending !

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Living Conditions

Maine Coon cat is a cat who can as well live in apartment as in house. The important thing is that its territory is made safe and arranged. On the one hand, because he is of curious nature and that he often forgets that he is not a bird and, on the other hand, because it is necessary that he maintains his body and that he has places where to find peace.

Suitable for

Maine Coon is a cat which adapts very well. Adults, children and animals, they appreciate the company of all but particularly that of one of his congeneric.

For his balance, it is preferable that he lives with of a the same race cat and same age or even with one of his cousins (Norsk skogkatt) with whom he has many similarities.


Maine Coon, in spite of his wild appearance, is a very peaceful cat.

If he is thus irritated, he will prefer to withdraw himself in a quiet corner rather than to leave the claws.

Cat with slow growth (approximately 3 years), even adult, he remains always a big kitten.

Great player, he appreciates to play in priority with his bipeds and also with his congeneric.

Often awkward because Maine Coon forgets quickly that it is a cat with imposing size.

Very affectionate but with his manner : it is him who decides when and how to be patting and if he does not want, he can render comprehensible it.

It is a talkative cat having the characteristic to coo instead of miaowing.


Cat with the hair mid-length, in order to avoid the nodes, a weekly brushing is advised especially that having the mania to drink with his leg and pose his head on the edge of its bowl or fountain, of the dreadlocks can thus be formed on the flange.

For about ten years, a protocol has been drawn up with the breeders in order to avoid giving rise to kittens having heart problems (HCM) or having a degenaration of the motoneurones.