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Ural Rexes are a new breed of curly-haired cats discovered in Russia in 1991. Though their "curls" are very much similar to those of the Cornish Rex, the quality of fur is totally different. As for the gene controlling it, that has nothing in common with the Cornish gene at all.

The Urals are always calm and not vocal. The never mew loudly or start a commotion even when they're in heat. They're very cautious and learn to avoid danger easily. Owners claim that the cats are very adaptable and tolerate changes, even radical ones, very well.


Like their name says these cats come from the Urals in Russia, particularly the area surrounding Ekaterinburg (look it up on a map). From reports made by various people who live or worked there we can safely say that the curly-haired gene has been popping on and off for the last century and half. Sadly felinology in Russia only exists since the early 1980s. The first Urals to be exhibited at cat shows were Markiza, Bonnie and Clyde. Markiza, particularly, took the "Best-in-Show" award, numerous times.

Physical Appearance

Head A rounded equilateral triangle with a visible transition from forehead to nose. Cheekbones are smooth and almost invisible.

Ears Average sized, high-set with wide bases and rounded tips.

Eyes Oval and slanted.

Body Muscled and firm.

Limbs Average length. Small and rounded paws.

Tail Straight and thin.

Fur Dense, curled, and very fine.

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