I am 10 years, 10 months, 20 days old female Mixed Breed, my owner is 
and I am from Netherlands, Helmond I’m called by Brittje, britteke, brittmans, witje. I joined United Cats on June 16, 2009.

My birthday is July 4, 2008.

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Congratulations, beautiful Britt, on becoming Cat of the Week! Do you have a few words for all your friends who voted for you?

I am so very happy that i am cat of the week!! Thank you so much sweet friends for voting (l)(l)(l) I climbed into the Christmas tree because i was so happy and a lot of balls fell out of the tree ;-) Luckily my mummy knows me so we have plastic balls ;-) And i got some chicken from mummy, i love that ;-)(l)

You look so cute in the photo with your little Santa Claus hat. Are you excited about Santa coming to visit and what would you like him to bring you?

O i like to play with toys, My favorites are mice that look real, cords of shoes and catnip. And i love the Christmas tree. I lay under it all day and i play with the tree. Every year i climb in it. The first year mummy said ok but now i am 5,5 kilo's and 3 years old and i still climb in it. Poor, poor christmas tree ;-);-);-)

In that same photo, there's a cute puppy under the tree. How would you feel if you saw a real puppy under your tree? Is there any chance of that happening?

No i don't like dogs and i don't like the neighbours cat. He likes me and always follows me and i say grrrrr to him. But he does not go away. And my sister Mickey is very ill, so no other cats or dogs possible now.

For those of us who live far away, can you tell us a bit about a typical Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Belgium?

We have 2 Christmas days. We eat a lot of food and celebrate with family. So i try to get as much food if i can, as always ;-)

We'd like to hear the story of how you came to your forever home and how you were welcomed by the other cats who were living there.

I am from the home Fatso is from. Fatso his owners have 2 cats, Fatso and Truusje both Britisch shorthairs. Truusje walked away one day and came back pregnant with me!!! So Truusje his owners asked if my mummy and daddy wanted me and of course they took me right away. So i am a half Britisch shorthair. I came to my new home but Mickey did not like other cats including me. It took 1/2 year before she accepted me. Now we are ok together but Mickey is the boss!!

You say you're a funny cat with lots of humour. Can you give us an example of something funny you've done or a way that you act funny?

I take my toys everywhere in the house, Mummy says sometimes i am more like a dog ;-) During the day i keep my toys in the living room. During the night i move them to the bathroom of the bedroom while making loud noises ;-)

You're fortunate that you can go outside. Where do you go and what do you like to do? Are you also allowed out in the cold winter?

O my mummy would like to know that too ;-);-);-) She always says she likes to hang a camera around my neck so she can see what i do ;-) If the weather is good i go far out of the garden and in the summer i like to stay outside during the night. I always bring a mouse then for my mummy but she does not eat them ;-) All the neighbours know me and i like their gardens. Because the cat of the neighbours is in our garden a lot, i go to another garden ;-) In the winter i have a long winter sleep. I go outside 10 times a day but when it is cold only about 10 minutes.

Can you tell us what you believe is your greatest strength and also what is your greatest weakness?

My weakness is my eating problem. Well i do not have an eating problem i think, but my mum does think so. When there is food i keep eating, my tummy is so big it almost touches the floor. My strength is i am a very sweet cat and always stay sweet (for humans).

Britt, we'd like to thank you for sharing with us and for the final question, can you give us the five words that best describe you.

Very sweet, naughty, funny, always hungry and i like to be cuddled a lot.


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