Calypso la Cannelle de Las Ayas

I am 12 years, 1 month, 13 days old female Maine Coon, my owner is 
and I am from Italy, Liguria (IM) I’m called by Calyps, Louloute. I joined United Cats on February 14, 2008.

My birthday is April 11, 2007.

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Congratulations, charming Calypso, on becoming Cat of the Week - and for the third time too! You've reigned on both the Italian and French language sites and now here on the English language international site. What would you like to say to all your friends who made this possible?

When my biped announced the news to me Sunday morning, the eyes still full with sleep, I believed that I dreamed ! Wow, it is an immense honor to be the anglophone Cat of Week. Do I wonder myself how that is possible ?!? My awkwardness, my stubbornness, my impishness, my side hunter…. ??? Or quite simply, perhaps that not only I have friends but also, many secret admirors ??? In fact, it is with them that this question would have to be made : I will be curious to know the answer.

Surely your bipeds will shower you with more affection and treats than you usually enjoy. What type of human caresses do you like best? And what treats are your favourites? Is there a particular new toy that you'd like to receive?

Did I hear “treats” ?!? You touch a sensitive side there !!! Oh yes, I will ask to have a rab of delicacies : with ham, with cheese, fish… in short, all the tastes will be appreciated. Afterwards, I do not think that the behavior of my bipeds will change about me because, it should be recognized, between them and my nanny who remains at home (with her cats – sic) for still a few days : I do not miss anything. Ah if, perhaps a little space… and that, they understood it well… Concerning toys, I have simple tastes : a sheet of palm tree or a stem of papyrus delights me ! Well, I will not “spit” on a new cat tree, size XXL, with velvet hammocks, a cotton basket and a large trunk…. Do you believe that the message passed ?!? And as regards food, not of particular excesses : I am not very gastronome… I prefer the delicacies but that, I think that you had understood!

When you joined UC, your were a just over a year old and your female biped described you as a nuclear-powered tornado. You were also practicing your gardening skills by removing house plants from their pots. Four years later, are you still full of energy? Is gardening still a hobby or have you progressed to something else to pass the time?

Oh la la, that not rejuvenated me all that… Let us say that today, I reload my batteries with clean energy… and that gardening, I passed to watering… do you understand the insinuations (clean – watering) ?!? With the years, I am quieter. But to be honest I do not have any more the means of putting my talents of gardener in interior home because there are no more plants. My biped female has me like half-compartment the grass under the bearings, if I can express myself thus. Thus if I want to be gardener, it is outside : and that, that does not disturb absolutely my bipeds, quite to the contrary. Then, as I cannot scrape any more in the ground in interior home, I scrape the doors and, as I do it with much energy, I dismount the cornices… of gardener, I passed to cabinetmaker ! And that remains clean energy (wood) !

When you were of an appropriate age and feeling the urge for love, you were taken on a journey to meet a prospective tom worthy of your affection. Can you tell us about this big event in your life?

You know, I am a stay-at-home type and the journey for a meeting, even romantic, does not interest me. However, no more romantic than Venice (Italy) as amorous meeting, difficult to do better! In fact, I am a wild cat : so that I feel like a fish in water, I need natural big spaces where I can hide in grass, hunt, be cherished by the wind. Then, 6 hours of car and an unknown destination like new territory : no thank you, it is not for me. More especially as when I am distressed, I become a true hermit-crab ! I am closed as an oyster in its shell… that is more than one disadvantage at the time of a meeting in love, is this isn't ?

At that time, you were very attracted to the handsome tom, Romeo, who's a member of your household. Did Romeo feel the same attraction toward you and what happened between the two of you?

Ah, Romeo….It is my first and truly love story : let us say that he is my great love of childhood. There was something between us BIG and STRONG. It was in the time when we lived only with Cacoune and Chipie. We were young and unconscious. We did not know who was the shade of which : always together, we divided all ! There were some attempts in love as well but experience lack and of a sad discovery made, we could not consummate our love. And then time passed. The tribe grew, like us. Then our behavior, one towards the other (much) changed. We became mature and our current relation is not any more that of formerly. Sadly, we do not play any more and not remain together any more : it is as if we fear ourselves.

Your bipeds have launched a small, very exclusive cattery. In the near future, if this hasn't already happened, you'll become Auntie Calypso. Are you excited by this and looking forward to the pitter-patter of little paws in the house? Is it possible that in the future you will have kittens of your own?

Pooh, my bipeds start to despair… because the destiny does not facilitate the things to them, nor ours, moreover ! However, all is with go to accommodate “our” kitties so much hoped and waited : a lovely tomcat for Moonette and new love tomcat for me (of my area this time), and a very new nursery. We have still until the end of October to hope to be in love if not, it will be necessary to wait the next year, January. Afterwards, it is true that it is cool living in a house transformed in cattery : we have parts arranged only for us with full tricks being placed, the games and the cat trees of everywhere !

You're an intrepid garden adventurer and an accomplished huntress. What's your favourite prey? Only a few days ago, you thought you had met Prince Charming there. Who was he and what happened? What's your favourite place in the garden to relax?

It is certain which in the year of my birth, that had been the year of “A”, my bipeds would have called me Artemis ! As I mentioned above, my universe is the garden. I am well there and then, I make interesting meetings there… Lizards (I even caught one time a big green lizard…. finally, its tail), of the mice (small and large), of the grasshoppers, the birds… in short, as there is life in the garden, there is thus sport ! I do not have a prey of predilection : the important thing is that it moves all alone. And with my do list, I have to add the gecko… of which I believed well, at the time of my last catch, if it could be a question of a Prince Charming (that should not invent to be able to hunt quiet !) – to see my last blog for those who ask for how a gecko could be the Prince Charming of a cat as me ? Difficult to say where I am best there because the garden offers so many and pleasant places. The important thing is to try not to made them “stole” by the pirate of the tribe (Moonette). There is the hut, the roof of the arbour, the daisies, the olive-tree… this list is not exhaustive because, in fact, that depends on my mood. But you will have understood it : it made good things in life in my garden there.

The second part of your name is Cannelle which is cinammon in English. Is that a cattery name or was it given to you because of your brown tabby fur? You have amazingly long whiskers. Do you consider them your best feature or is there something else in your appearance that you believe is even more beautiful? Have you ever participated in a cat show?

Cannelle is the first name chosen by my breeder who wanted to keep me near him. But as my female biped succeeded in convincing him to make me a new member of the micini tribe, she kept this first name (by respect) but personalized it all the same. For this reason I am called (wait, I take my breath) Calypso la Cannelle de Las Ayas. And indeed, the first name Cannelle has a relation with the color of my fur. And then also, because I am delicious and spiced as cinnamon… It is true that I have long whiskers which proves to be a very important “tool” for night hunting. But I also have a long tail and a long body… However, which prefers my bipeds, it is my eyes! When I fix them, I could ask them anything : they would yield with all my whims !!! And as regards the cat show, even if I have the physical capacities for them, I will never put the legs in this show. First of all, because my breeder does not want (thus, my bipeds respect his position) and then, because I am well too wild to have a grooming and to meet judges. I do not have the strength of character of the pirate of the tribe (Moonette) !

Your female biped is a moderator on the French language site. Do you assist her with her duties? And do you ever become annoyed that she spends so much time on UC? What activity here do you enjoy the most and what are your hopes for the future of the site?

Honestly, I will prefer that she spends more time with me in the garden than on her computer… But fortunately that I am there, like the other members of the tribe, to help her in her role of moderator. It is that, thanks to us, she lives particular moments which enable to her help the other users confronted with the same situations (difficult cohabitation, urinary markings, etc….) : what wouldn't we make for her ?!? Moreover, that makes it possible for my biped female to tell funny stories like that of the revenge on the snake with hair or the stories for the children, like that of the Prince Charming… In all humility, we make much for our biped female and, indirectly, for the site… which maintaining finally give us treats (the points, that are not eaten). Except that, it would have to be said to the pastry cooks of the admin that they give some more because, in spite of an important activity of the assiduous friends, they hold us a little too much in the diet ! The activity that gives hunger then… more treats and immediately !

Calypso, you've been very gracious to have answered all our questions and we thank you. As you probably know, the final question is: what five words best describe you?

It is with me to thank you for this pleasant moment lived in your company during this interview but also, to thank all my friends who allow me to be English Cat of the Week. Soft caresses to everyone. Sweet - actress - shy cat - active - obstinate


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