I am 10 years, 6 months, 8 days old Male Mixed Breed, my owner is  and I am from Israel . I joined United Cats on January 10, 2009.

My birthday is September 14, 2008.

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Congratulations, rakish Rizhik, on becoming Cat of the Week for the first time! Have you been teased by your sister and brother who were Cats of the Week before you? What would you like to say to them now and also to all your friends who voted for you?

Thank you very much for choosing me COTW! It's a great honour for me and I'm very happy. My brother and sister haven't teased me before because it's me who always teases everybody.

Surely your proud Mom will be having a big celebration for you. What treats would you enjoy feasting on and what new toys would you like to receive?

I'd like to receive tuna and Fancy Feast. As for the toys, I don't like toys so much. I prefer to play with Shahori.

You arrived at your forever home as a kitten and you were in very serious condition. Your Mom's idea was to make you better and then find a home for you. What was the health problem you were suffering from and how did you charm your Mom into keeping you in the family?

I had a serious bleeding from my nose and sneezing. Mom took me to the vets and they did many tests but they couldn't find what was wrong with me. The bleeding stopped but the sneezing remained. I stayed because nobody wanted me because of my problems and mom felt sorry for me.

In the beginning your sister Shahori wasn't nice to you when you tried to be friends with her. Did you become close as you grew older and how did your brother Angelo react to you?

We're now good friends with Shahori although we fight sometimes. And Angelo doesn't pay much attention to me.

There are also two doggies in your family who look quite large. Were you afraid of them at first? Were they nice to you then and do you get along well with them now?

On the contrary, the doggies are afraid of me. They do what I want.

As a kitten you had a very dangerous habit of chewing on electrical cords. Did you grow out of your interest in them or did your Mom have to take special steps to keep you away from them? Did you manage to stop before you got a nasty shock? Were you naughty in any other ways besides trying to chew cords?

I grew out of this dangerous habit but I'm very naughty and mom calls me a gangster because always drop and break things and bother Shahori and Freddy.

Since you're the youngest of the three cats, do they try to boss you? Or perhaps you boss them? Do you ever quarrel over toys or food?

I'm the boss and I take what I want.

Please tell us a bit about where you live. Are you in a city or in the country? Are you close to the seashore? Do you have a yard or garden where you can go to play and explore?

I live in a seaside town, a twenty minutes walk from the beach. I live in an apartment and I don't go outside.

You have a very lovely ginger and white coat and also a cute ginger moustache. How do you think the moustache makes you look - mature or distinguished or sexy - or perhaps something else? And how about being vocal? Do you like to talk and do you purr a lot?

I think I look very handsome and distinguished. I like to talk and I purr a lot. I'm very friendly with people.

You're at a great age for having a girlfriend. Is there any girl kitty on UC who you particularly like? Or perhaps there's a pretty kitty here who's let you know that she'd enjoy being your girlfriend?

I don't have a girlfriend, I'm neutered.

Rizhik, we thank you very much for allowing us to know you better. We have just one more short question - please give us the five words that best describe you.

Handsome, naughty, friendly, clever, bossy.


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