Fée Moon de Nikko Coons

I am 8 years, 7 months, 22 days old female Maine Coon, my owner is 
and I am from Italy, Liguria (IM) I’m called by Ma Moon d'Amour, Moonette, Moonina, Mamoon, P'tit biscuit, Ma Quique belle... FifiBrindacier !!!. I joined United Cats on December 4, 2010.

My birthday is August 30, 2010.

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Congratulations, marvellous Moonette, on becoming Cat of the Week for the third time - the second time on this English language site! All your friends here would like to hear how you feel about becoming royalty once again.

When my biped announced me this great news, I couldn't believe my ears and God knows nevertheless how they are big ! The first word which occurs me is : THANK YOU! I am really very touched and happy. I hope to be, again, as high as this so notorious status.

Surely your bipeds will be very proud of you and will want to make your reign extra special. What do you hope they will do to celebrate?

The party naturally ! I thus count on you all my friends because without you, it would not be possible.

Your little tribe has increased since we last spoke with you. The first new member to arrive was a young girl from the cattery where you were born. Are you related at all and were you happy to be able to converse with her in your native dialect? Were there perhaps a few hisses in your first conversations?

You know, Didounette (for the close friends) arrived at the very good moment. I went out of a sad (not to say tragic) period and she helped me a lot. I had so much maternal love to spread that I took my niece for my baby. There was thus never a quarrel between us. On the contrary, I protected her from electric humors of the other congenerics of the crew. And even today, even if she became a young lady, even if I mother her less, our relation is always very family.

The next two arrivals were handsome young toms. The first is very close to your age. What is his personality like and have you developed any feelings for him that are deeper than sisterly affection?

We knew that Prinçou would make one day part of our family. My bipeds were too much attached to him to let him leave living in a breeding house which did not correspond to his personality. I can say that I am one of his favorites and that he holds me respect (contrary to all the others). Of foreigner, he became my lover and for 8 weeks now, he is the dad of my cute babies.

The second new member of the tribe is still a kitten. Is he a mischievous young fellow and do you enjoy having an energetic youngster in the family? Is it the hope of your bipeds that after he becomes an adult your interest in each other will change?

As you say it, he is a kitten ! He is delicious as the soft caramel toffee! It is thus a companion easy to live that we support all (except Louloute who always has her terrible character). He thinks only of playing but for two weeks, he carries a particular interest to Didounette when she sings her love to whom is willing to hear her. It is certain that he will not still always be a big baby …

Please forgive us if this is an indelicate question. When we last spoke, you were going to Venice for a romantic adventure. We're very curious to know if the love songs of the gondoliers worked their magic in the moonlight over the canals?

You know, things do not still go as we want it and consequently, I was never able to meet my Italian tom cat for a romantic honeymoon in Venice. But I did not lose on the exchange. It is in the middle of lavenders and under the cicada song that I spun, with Prinçou, purrfect love. All this, without having made hundreds of kilometers for my biggest comfort.

Spring is rapidly becoming summer. Do you enjoy the hot weather and spending time in the garden? What do you like to do there? When you're indoors, do you still enjoy playing with your little fur mice?

I can say that it is already the summer here : cicadas and swimming pool is not more missing than to confirm it. I like as much the spring as the summer because there is more "life" in the garden … Last week, Louloute even put the leg on a grass-snake! Don’t worry, it was the first time when we had this guest's kind. The biggest tiny creature that we had was a big green lizard. In fact, I move according to the temperatures. When it is too hot, I stay (as my cogenerics) in a horizontal position in the house to look for a little of freshness and not to move to be too much hot. And when the thermometer falls, that is in the morning till 10 hours and in the evening after 19 hours, I take pleasure to go to the garden. I go out however in the afternoon and to refresh me in the swimming pool !

Your home has become the Riviera Coon Valé cattery. Can you tell us how this has changed daily life for you and the other members of the tribe?

Honestly, our life did not change except that we are more numerous than before. It is true that I had to support the cat shows but I am at the moment quiet because I enclosed my program successfully last winter. Thus, at the moment, I can enjoy my life as 100% cat. Finally in 70% because the 30% are reserved for my mom's life, once in the year.

There have been many changes to the site in the past few months since a new owner, Iris, has taken charge. Are you enjoying UC more now and what are your hopes for its future?

I wish a big success to UCD and make so that it becomes again the community that Louloute and Romeo knew upon their arrival. It is great that Iris took back the site to make it live again of its ashes and I am in a hurry to discover the surprises which she prepares to us.

Thanks so much, Moonette, for sharing and bringing us up to date. In closing, we'd like to know the five words that best describe you at this point in your life.

Thanks so much to you. Maternal - Sweet - Patient - Famished - Mature


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