I am 6 years old Male European Shorthair, my owner is 
and I am from Netherlands, Helmond . I joined United Cats on September 6, 2013.

My birthday is May 24, 2013. It's my birthday and I'm going to purrrrty today!

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Congratulations Dexter on being chosen to be Cat of The Week! We would really like to know more about you, like how did you come to live in your forever home and family?

Hello to everybody and thank you so much for voting for me!! It really is an honour to be Cat of the week on the English speaking site we are gonna make a great party this week!!! My mum got me out of an animal rescue shelter 1 year ago. Can you imagine me thrown away by people? But this animal shelter was great, when i got there they placed me in a foster home with other cats and dogs until i was 13 weeks old, only than my mummy could adopt me. And because i was used to other animals i feel great about myself and not scared of anything!!

About a year ago you got into a big bag of kibble and repeated it a few times, to fill your tummy. Have you managed to do that recently?

O yes i really like this :-) My mummy buys big bags of food for us sometimes, 6 kilo's so when a new bag is opened she puts the food into containers wich she can close so it does not get old. And when she does that we get to eat out of the containers for unlimited food for 5 minutes :-) Nothing tastes better than fresh food and there is sooooooo much :-)

Recently you gave your mum quite a scare (and all your friends on UC!). You went out and didn't come back for over 48 hours. Where did you go? What adventure did you get up to? But we hope you don't do that again!!

Yes i went away for 3 nights and 2 days. My mummy was so scared, she really thought i was dead. But in the 3th night i came home again and we bluit a very big party with dad who also wake up :-) My mummy would really like to know where i went and i did tell her a lot, only she does not understand my mews very good :-) After i came home i wanted to cuddle for 24 hours. But i did not like it at all because now i get home always before it get's dark and she closes the door :-)

A little birdie tells us you do some strange things... Like when Britt is outside during the night she brings your mum a dead mouse the following day and lays it in front of the kitchen door. But you do the same only not with a mouse, but with large bird's feathers! Do you eat the bird? Why just feathers? What else do you get up to????

O yes i really like feathers of birds, they are like a trophee for me and i can play with them for days. I like it when my mummy let's them fall, i jump in the air to catch them. But i only collect feathers, i do not harm the birds in any way. I also always lay down in het chair when my mummy wants to sit in it. She picks me up and lays me on the couch but before she can sit i lay there already. And i am like, hey i was here first, you go sit anywhere else yourself!! Very often i do funny things so mum and dad have to lauch about me very often. I also lay down like a dog because i have seen this in my adoption family also and lot's of other funny things i do to so my mum could write a book about me :-)

Do you like living together with Brit?

I really like playing with Britt but she does not want to play with me anymore. The first weeks she did not like me but after that we became a bit friends and we played sometimes all night in the bedroom, keeping mum and dad awake. But since a couple of months Britt does not want to play anymore, she hisses at me when i try to play with her wich of course i do try 10 times a day :-)

Your mother is a very good artist. Recently she made a statue of a cat - is he based on you? Did you think it was a real cat? Is she going to make more cats like that?

The statue is from the mother of my mother, i call her grandmother :-) It is made im rememberance of her raibow cats and it took over 300 hours to make it!!! But i do think there is a cat in there, so i cuddle with it and try to play with it but it just will not move, i do not understand why? :-)

Dexter, thank you for the interview but finally could you please describe yourself in 5 words....

Well i am very sweet (never break anything), extremely cuddling (for hours a day if i can), very playful because i am only 1 years old and funny. And i am very convinced about myself, my mum says i feel very well the way i am. Before me she always got cats who were very afraid out of an animal shelter and she thinks this is because of the foster home until i was 13 weeks. So everybody thank you soooooo much for voting for me, i will be mewing all week :-) Kisses Dexter


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