I am 10 years, 10 months, 20 days old female Mixed Breed, my owner is 
and I am from Netherlands, Helmond I’m called by Brittje, britteke, brittmans, witje. I joined United Cats on June 16, 2009.

My birthday is July 4, 2008.

Visiting time: 13 hours ago

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Welcome dear Britt, in our small country, you want to come to us to spend a week together ?

Hello my sweet friends :-) I am so happy and proud to be your cat of the week, we are gonna make a great week together!!

nice to hang out and we'll be our queen what do you say to that? Will you bring your brother with you?

I love being a queen and dress up with a nice crown and throne. Mmm i have to bring Dexter with me to? You know when he was little i quite liked him and played with him but since he become a big boy i don't want to play with him anymore. But he does not understand, so 15 times a day he jumps on me and i become angry at him. But ok, i will bring him but he has to walk behind me :-)

In your family you have the two of you, as you agree, if he listens to you, or you've got it, do you combine your efforts when you need a little mom cheat????

O yes, especially Dexter is very good at begging. And when he get's some nice treats of course i get them to :-) And i have my special mummy face. I sit in front of her and look very, very sweet and i give my sweetest miauw. And every time when i do that she can't resist me and she gives me food or let's me out. And when i want to come inside i jump with my paws at the window so she hears me and let's me in.

What do you like to eat, will you tell us that we meet you?

I only eat dry food for cats, i do not like wet food at all. But i like all cats candy and lot's of other things like cheese and ham, i get cat milk every day, cream, ice and other meat i like to.

How do you spend your days Britt, you have a lot to do besides sleep?

Well i am a very lazy cat. My mum says i behave like i am 15 years old. So i sleep a lot, my favorite sleeping place is on the bed with mummy and daddy. Or at the couch. But i also go outside a couple of times a day. Since we moved here i learned how to climb so i can get out of the garden and do my rounds in the neighbourhood. In the summer i sometimes catch a mouse, but there are not a lot of them over here. In Belgium where we lived before i caught them much more often.

Will you tell us a little about how you came to moms and dads, we know that the UC have no family would you persuade someone and say hello?

Well my mummy once took care of a very sweet cat she called Fatso, he had a broken leg. But after a couple of months she found out he had owners so she gave them back with pain in her heart. But the owners from Fatso also had another Brittisch shorthair cat with long hairs :-) And she got pregnant from a street cat. And after a few weeks i was born and the owners asked my mummy if she wanted me. Of course she said yes!!

How do you feel like our beloved, that you're glad you'll come with us?

I am very happy to be on United Cats and i have been there all of my life.

Would you like to say something to us that we'd chosen and those who will wait here with us?

I am very happy with my friends on UC and exited to be Cat of the Week in Croatia!! I want to thank all my friends for voting for me.

Here's the end of what you want to say to everyone, its a thought .....

Big kisses from me to all of my friends, we are gonna make a great week together :-)


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