I am 5 years, 11 months, 26 days old Male European Shorthair, my owner is 
and I am from Netherlands, Helmond . I joined United Cats on September 6, 2013.

My birthday is May 24, 2013. Only 4 day away, can’t wait, can't wait, can't wait!

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Oh, there you are Dexter in Croatia after your sister, what do you say ?

O jippie i love being Cat of the Week in Croatia. Croatian people are always very nice to me :-) My mum is very tired today from her birthday so i tell her hurry up!!

We need to prepare a festive welcome, comes the real king in Croatia, you know who that is? You tell us something.

Wow i am a real King? My mum says i go walking beside my shoes if i hear that (It is a Dutch saying i don't know if it is the same in English?). I already got a throne and a crown and so many photo's of my nice friend Dijana. And i am on a photo with the King of last week Tom. We are very big friends :-)

This week you'll be the main home, all must listen to Mom and Dad and Britt ! what are you think abouth !

Haha i think i am boss always in my home. What i do is cry very loud when i want something to eat or go outside. I can mew really loud and my mum she loves me so much she always let's me have what i want. And i always want food. You know what is one of my favorites? Soup, o yes i love emptying my mum and dad's bowls when they are finished!! And since i am a big boy now i am also boss of Britt. I jump at her back to play a lot but she does not want to play anymore since i am a big boy. So she growns and hisses to me....but i do not really care.

How do you like our little country, you want to come hang out with us! ?

I like it here. Netherlands is very crowded so a lot of cats are living over here but i do not mind as long as they do not bother me. But i would like to go to Croatia!! Looks like a beautiful country to me.

Someone is chosen you . You are a nice pussy, and how you are in character, will you talk a little bit about yourself

I am very active because i am only 1,5 years old. So i like to play a lot, with my mum of with Britt. I like to go outside a lot to, a couple of hours every day and i don't mind if it rains. Furthermore i am a very cuddely cat, i have to get so much cuddles every day. If mummy is away for a day i have to get some extra the next day. When i am inside i am always with my mum and at night i sleep between mum and dad's pillows first and during the night i move to mum's legs

What do you like to eat, so we can not wait ?

I like food, every time mum enters the kitchen i am there and i strat mewing really loud. Sometimes my bowl is still full but i think better mew first, you never know if i get something extra :-) I like all cat food, wet and dry. All kinds of meat (my mum and dad are vegetarians so we do not get it often). O and i get catmilk every day and sometimes some dessert. And i like soup and sauce and pizza to :-)

Will you take with you and Britt

Mmmm we do not get along very well the last half year. Since i am grown she does not want to play with me any more and Britt always behaves like she is 70 years old. My mum says it is stupid because sometimes she even plays with her paw!! So go play with Dexter she says but nope......

Tell us something nice at the end, I wish you a pleasant stay with us !!!

I am so happy to be Cat of the Week at your great country!! I am shure this is gonna be a great week and i want to thank everybody for voting at me. Kisses from Dexter!!


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