Mainefield's Hina Moea

I am 4 years, 29 days old female Maine Coon, my owner is 
and I am from Italy, Liguria (IM) I’m called by Hina Moea dixit Hina, P'tite impératrice, Nana, Boucan et Ciapacan :p. I joined United Cats on July 14, 2015.

My birthday is March 23, 2015.

Visiting time: more than 3 months ago

I was Cat of the Week:
October 19, 2015 -
October 25, 2015
July 20, 2015 -
July 26, 2015

Congratulations beautiful princess Mainefield's Hina Moea you are our Dutch cat of the week, are you happy with it? X This is for your family the 1th time to be CotW in our country!! 

Do you think your Mom will have a COTW celebration for you and what treats do you wish from her? X X 

Wow, I cannot believe it : almost I would take the floor of it ! X 

Definitely, I like my new life. 

Hardly registered, I was accommodated cordially and only a few days later, I am here under fires of the projectors. 

Danke schön X  it is an honor. 

I hope that from the top of my 4 months, I will be with the height because in fact, if I understood well, I am the Micini’s ambassadress in Germany because it is a first in the crew. Of course, I intend to draw advantage from this notorious statute near my bipeds… it would be pity not to do it ! X 

You are now 4 months old so a kitten with lots of energy!! X How do you spend a typical day? 

Have you ever been naughty and what's the naughtiest thing you've done so far?

Then there, you are right : energy I do not miss any and I have some to even resell some ! X 

For the moment, I inspect each corner and recess of my small territory and believe me, that takes time. When I weary myself these territorial conquest campaigns, my time is shared between the game, the nap and my pauses lunch.

As much I can be fast like the flash, as much I can be slow like lazy. And even in full activity, it is able to me “to prick of the nose” i.e. to deaden me immediately, right in the middle of a game for example.

But what I like more in my days, it is when I am accompanied by my bipeds. As with the cattery I was always in company, for not that I suffer from loneliness one of my bipeds sleeps with me. Lastly, to sleep is a great word because I remain rather active the night. For the moment, it is her who holds me company. We play much and it is cool because she places her toes at my disposal out of plaid ! We done also many hugs : she gives me full with caresses and kisses, me exchanges some, I stick myself against her, rubs my face with her… we adore all these demonstrations of affection X 

And around 4 hours of the morning, I am in observation post because nature awakes. Okay, it is true, of the times I am a little frightened… I blows or miaows, my biped calls me then and reconciles me. After having found confidence in me, I set out again at my observation post.

Even if I do not have access yet outside or that I am not accompanied by other micini, my days of kitty are very filled and, consequently, my many naps are not a luxury X 

What is your favorite food and toys to play with? 

Do you prefer to play inside or outside in your beautiful garden?

Then, as well as for food and the toys, I am at the level “test” X 

For the menu of the day, I am sulky the croquettes recommended by my breeder… it is that I start to affirm my culinary choices. On the other hand, I taste the various pâtés presented since my arrival. 

About the “carte du Chef”, I ordered a prawn dish but finally, I regretted my choice. The following day I ordered a plate of beef carpaccio and there, I regaled myself !!! Highly that I continue the discovery of the « cartedu Chef Micini ». 

For the toys, let us say that my preference goes towards those to feathers although the large mouse (as broad as me) has its place in my top 3. For the moment, I would put the feather duster at the first place, then the mice (small and large) and finally the circuit… although I still hesitate…. could the toes of my biped regarded as toys ?!? X 

In any case, I am in a hurry to be a little taller to discover various attractions of the garden. For the moment, I observe each part of this garden of my bedroom: like that, the day when I will be outside, I will know already where to go.

What kind of caracter/personality do you have Mainefield's Hina Moea, with wich words can you describe your caracter? What is special about you?

My biped says about Jaya, Doudou and Linou that they are “creams” and which me, I am a “double cream”! That is very imagined but for the greedy ones that you are, you will be able to understand the significance of “double cream” X  (there are the Swiss ones in the assistance?!?)

Very communicative and very tactile, as soon as I feel a glance on me, I hum with pleasure then I lie in order to knead the air by making the soft eyes. In this position, I am ready to receive an avalanche of caresses.

But be reassured, I do not spend my time to lengthen… Noooo, being still a kitten, I overflow of energy and, consequently, I do not lose an occasion to play.

However, if I were to summarize my character in a few words, they would be the following : sweet and delicious X 

You are put on UC on 14th of July 2015 so we think you just arrived at your new home and family. How did this happen? And did your mum pick you or did you pick her? X

Do you already get along with the other 7 cats and do you play together?

Oh this July 14th was one day rich in emotions ! That I explain you all…

The morning, I had to say all to my family goodbye (in fact, I was not sad because I did not realize the the situation), I travelled by the car, I found myself on a coffee terrace with two new bipeds which I did not know.

There, I received full with caresses accompanied by a soft voice. Then, I exchanged my to transport for a travel bag and I left with these two new bipeds. I was left several times: don't I know if I understood well but of people looked at if I yes did not have an explosive inside me… yes, it is true – are they insane these bipeds to think a similar thing, isn’t it ?!? X 

I took the plane, again the car and finally, I arrived in my new house. These two bipeds are thus my new family. And for personal note, I know that I am a favorite for my biped : as soon as she saw my picture, she flashed… I were to become a micini at all costs !

For the moment, the term perhaps will appear barbarian but I am of “forty”. On the one hand, because it is necessary that I am accustomed to my new territory and that I feel there well and on the other hand, because I must make tests of health before meeting the crew… as there are births planned for the end of the summer, he is necessary to protect the mothers-to-be.

But good, I have my own apartment : it is a little like my “Gödöllő” And moreover, of the window where I appreciate to settle with fresh, I have a super panorama on the garden. And I am entitled even to night visites : Jaya clutched long seconds on the net of my window and looks at me as if I were a strange thing or… a jewel ?!? X 

The presentations will be done carefully but I know already that Doudou and Linou will be those which I would meet in first and… I am in a hurry really ! X 

You all are so beautiful and your looks are so special. Are you from the same cattery? And are you related to each other? 

Or does your mum have her own cattery? X X

Oh, but what beautiful compliments. That is there, you succeeded in making me X 

I am Italian recently ; more exactly since this Tuesday, July 14 afternoon. 

I was born in an Austrian cattery, a few kilometres from Vienna… it’s for this reason that my nickname is “petite impératrice” (small empress) X  My biped knew this breeding and followed it since Prinçou became a micini.

I do not know if you noticed, but with Prinçou (official first name I am Prince) we have the same name cad Mainefield which is quite simply the name of the cattery where we were born. And moreover, we are connected family ties : my mom is her back-back-large-mother.

Difficult to believe, isn’t it ?!? He black, me, almost white X 

In any case, the family micini account a head moreover just like, consequently, the small family cattery of my biped.

You all have such special names, how did you get those? Is there a story behind it to tell?

It is true that my first name is a true invitation with the travel X 

In fact, my breeder had called me “Joel” who for the French language is a first name allotted to a boy… X  whereas I am a girl.

Not having sent yet the attesting document of my origins, my biped could leave free course to her imagination… and as you can note it, once again, she did not make in the banality X 

But, at the micini (except for Linou and Prinçou), all the first names have a meaning which lends to the personality of the subject and the situation relating to the moment of the adoption.

 For the second time, my first name at Polynesian origins… I said you well that it was an invitation with the travel, isn't it ?!? X 

Hina is a princess born of the fruit of the X  between the Queen X"  and the King X .

Moea means dreamed.

Thus, my arrival in the micini family one is dreamed become reality for my biped which is in worship for the Maine Coon cats having a color which illuminates like the sun and the moon. Moreover, all the young ladies at home are for my bipeds, Muses, Princesses or Fairies X 

You live in Italy, can you tell us something about where you live? About your country, surroundings or the house you live in?

As indicated previously, I am in Italy since less than one week. Consequently, difficult for me to speak to you about the Italian customs and habits. On the other hand, I can speak to you about my “small Italy” i.e what I see, smell and hear since I am a micini.

The odors here are quite different from the cattery where I was born. Here, that feels the flowers good. There is into cubes everywhere in the garden and so there is full with insects which circulate in the garden… iam eager to can explore this external wild territory. I often observe part of the crew which climbs the lemon, what chance they have. At daybreak, I can hear the birds chatter between them. Oh la la, I saw of them giants who keep residence on the roofs. I hope never to be opposite of them : they make to fear these seagulls. Then, after the song of the birds, when heat is felt, there is a sound which I had never heard before. Its song is strident and discontinuous. Difficult to see who is this singer but what I can say it is that the face of my biped is illuminated when she hears this song which is not other than that of the cicada.

I could describe you hours my “small Italy” but I would not like to importune you. What I can say it is that I know to be Italian will like to me. And then from here a few weeks, you will be able to discover it thanks of the various phictures of my future albums X 

And finally what would you like to say to your friends on UC who voted for you!! And what do you wish for 2015 for yourself or for this site?

Thank you for getting to know you and your family a little better X X 

A big thank you with you all ! X 

I would never have imagined to be a COTW ! Wow, what emotions X 

Danke schön with all for your kindness and your generosity from the heart.

Thanks too to Astrid for this pleasant interview X 

I wish that this spirit of community, faithful to UCD continue for a long time. That here, shares, joy, entertainment are its principal leitmotivs.

Long life with UCD, long life with all these members and that the party starts ! X 


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Very nice interview, it is so nice to get to know and your family a bit better X X

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