Line Of Fire de Funny Foot Print

I am 5 years, 6 months, 3 days old Male Maine Coon, my owner is 
and I am from Italy, Liguria (IM) . I joined United Cats on February 22, 2014.

My birthday is October 20, 2013.

Visiting time: more than 3 months ago

I was Cat of the Week:
January 25, 2016 -
January 31, 2016
August 4, 2014 -
August 10, 2014

Congratulations fantastic Line Of Fire de Funny Foot Print you are our Dutch cat of the week ,are you happy with it? X X 

This is the 1th time for you to be CotW in Holland!! Do you think your Mom will have a COTW celebration for you and what treats do you wish from her?

Wow, what surprise and what joy of learning that I am COTW.

I am honoured by such a distinction ! X  Who could have believed that my charm acts beyond the borders ?!? X 

Indeed, it is my first reign in Holland and I hope that I will be worthy of your waitings.

I hope well that my biped will implement all, with my assistance, to make this week, a new week where joy, games and feasts will be with go.

And I also count on you my buddies ! X 

What kind of caracter/personality do you haveLine Of Fire de Funny Foot Print, with wich words can you describe your caracter? What is special about you? 

Your horoscope is a Libra does this fit with your caracter?

Then let us say that only one word summarizes my character very well : LOVE X 

I am a nice cat and I never showed of sign of aggressiveness.

I am very sociable and I thus appreciate the company of my congeneric (with a preference for the girls X ).

I am still a kitten in my mind. I like to play and I do not have any idea of what can be a danger.

Yes, description as stated in the horoscope corresponds well to my personality.

I like that well to be known controlled by Venus ! X 

You are now a jong boy of 2 years old with lots of energy!! What does a typical day of you look like

Now it's confession time. Please tell us what you've done that has annoyed your Mom or made her laugh? X 

Yes, I blew my two candles it does not have there so a long time that and I did not missof breath to extinguish them.

And that for energy, I have some to resell… Moreover, my bipeds have difficulty channeling my hyperactivity what is worth me some vexations. And these latters worry my bipeds well as for example the fracture on my left foot made now a month ago. They say that I collect them !

As a result, my timetable is seen modified since I am consigned to residence.

As much, before this incident (accident), I was most of the day in the garden to be observed, climb, play, sleep and hunt visible or invisible small beasts ; as much now, I am locked up in my bedroom in horizontal position 20h/24h.

I am thus installed on the highest platform of my cat tree and, the glance turned towards outside, I think of better days.

But in spite of that, I always make tomfooleries which amuse my bipeds : once my swallowed meal, I resemble to a clown because, of worthy truffle who I am, when I eat, I plunge my nose in the bowl then I can my food outside with the result that I have the nose very coloured like a clown.

Do you have favorite food and toys to play with? 

Are you an indoor kitty or are you able to go outdoors in the garden? But boy o boy it is so cold now, you must be a real hero if you go outside. X 

Toys, I have tons of them but it is true that I have some preferences.

Top 1: a large mouse which stinks with a long tail out of cord

Top 2: the fishing rod with at the end feathers

Top 3: small toys in rabbit skin (peace to their heart)

I am true of torture with my large mouse and fortunately which it is resistant even if I note that its tail shortens with time.

I like much to play… it is that I am a large hunter. And after each games, I will peck as if I eat my prey.

But food question, I am very difficult much to the discontent of my biped : she says that I like only “the nicely packed shit”… As a result, my menus are not very varied. I have my croquettes for kitten and two kinds of wet food. All the rest (grazes, fish, shellfish, etc… fresh) : I am sulky all !

But do not believe in so far as it is an economy. Oh not, I eat as four even if that is not seen.

It should be said that with my activities usual day labourers, I eliminate all the calories.

Be like winter, by sun, rain or wind, of day and night, I like to stay in the garden.

It is a so pleasant and enthralling place.

But do not believe that I would be a hero : the temperatures are not so icy only on your premise in winter.

You live in a house together wih 7 other cats, is there 1 who is the boss? Do you all get along, are you friends and do you play together? Who is your best friend in the house?

Do you all get a lot of mischief together?? We think you do, do you all sometimes make your mum crazy? What's the naughtiest thing you all have done so far?

And yes, in the four years time, the micini family increased.

We have well a patriarch who will blow in spring his 10 years but the matriarche, to take again to your expression the “Boss”, is without hesitation Fée Moon or more commonly called Moon the pirate ! X 

Who rubs there pricks himself there !!!

In fact, there are several groups in my family and our bipeds must manage the contacts of the ones and others according to affinities and especially, by taking care that there is no marriage surprised… if you understand what I want to say X 

Thus, I have as a company Louloute and Doudou when I am in the garden. But when Cupid launches its arrow, I can also remain with Jaya. I saw growing Jaya, we lived all our adolescence together : between us, it is fusional. It my is Venus… she makes me completely crazy in love X 

When I was kitten, I played also much with Doudou. But with the puberty and the awakening of my libido, our reports changed. I am too abrupt and even if Doudou could never be mom, I am too undertaking with her.

So our complicity disappeared… and if I am too “ambitious”, I have a blow of leg of her share in return.

In fact, my best friend it is Joy, the brother of Jaya, which lives with our nanny.

When he comes at home, it is so cool ! We play much together even if times, one want to affirm our position of young male.

As a whole, we are rather wise. Good, we make some silly things well as that to have perforated the cover of the arbour or, by urinate with the same place (there, it is for the tom cats), plastic “melted” and the armchair deposited the weapons.

What does not make laugh our bipeds, it is when we (tom cats) liberally sprinkle the coldly planted flowers all ! X 

How did you get your very special name? Is there a story behind it to tell? You all have these wonderful names.

Yes, it is true that I have a very special first name and especially with extension. But this one has indeed an explanation. Being given that I was born in a cattery and as I am a Maine Coon cat, my name is that of my cattery i.e. “Funny Foot Print”.

The choice of the first name depends on the federations where the identity papers (pedigree) are recorded.

In my case, my federation does not impose a letter contrary to Fife (letter “B” per the year 2016) or to Loof (letter “M” for the year 2016).

Consequently, my breeder fixed a topic and according to this one, she found first names.

Her topic was, for my litter, Clint Eastwood.

My first name (Line of Fire) is the title of one of his films.

You live in Italy, Liguria (IM), can you tell us something about where you live? About your country, surroundings or the house you live in?

I live in a place which is called “Riviera dei Fiori” (River of the Flowers), just in the border Italy/France (French Riviera). It is a pleasant small town where the temperatures remain mild in winter. The vegetation is luxuriant and benefitting from a moderated climate, one calls a district of my city “small Africa”. I have the chance to have a garden where the lemon trees, mandarin trees and olive-tree are superb cat trees. As there is always a plant in flowers, even in winter, we can find insects. Of course, it is not the ideal season for hunting but there is a little animation all the same. If they are not insects, there are birds.

The life is thus pleasant and peaceful. Moreover, many bipeds centenaries ago : I thus have still the long ones and beautiful years to be lived X 

And finally what would you like to say to your friends on UC who voted for you!! X 

And what do you wish for yourself or for this site voor this new year of 2016?

Thank you for getting to know you and your family a little better X 

A big THANKS !

Thanks to you, my week will be even merrier.

I hope that we will live all together excellent moments.

And I wish that it be the same for all those whO are connected to UCD/UDD.

Even if the users blow themselves, I wish long life with this site web and I hope for 2016 a more increased participation of the impassioned bipeds of cats and dogs.

Thanks so much my buddies and also with Astrid for this nice interview X 


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