I am 3 years, 9 months, 28 days old female European Shorthair, my owner is 
and I am from France I’m called by P'tit coeur, Puce. I joined United Cats on September 2, 2015.

My birthday is June 26, 2015.

Visiting time: 2 months ago

I was Cat of the Week:
September 25, 2017 -
October 1, 2017
January 2, 2017 -
January 8, 2017
October 10, 2016 -
October 16, 2016
September 28, 2015 -
October 4, 2015


Congratulations cute Lully you have been voted cat of the week in the Netherlands, are you happy with it? X X 

And it is a very special week to, the 1st one of 2017!! X X And also the 1st time for you to be CotW in another country. 

Do you think your mom will have a COTW celebration for you and what treats do you wish from her? We will definitely spoil you this week!! X X 

I'm really very happy and Mom too !! What a nice surprise!X I'll ask for more sweets, ham ....

We are going to party ; Huh friends? Are you ready?

Can you tell us the story about how you came to live with your family, did they pick you or did you pick them? We are sure when they saw you they could not resist!! X 

It was my mother who chose me, I was very small (15 days barely).

I was born in a farm with my brothers and sisters. The people did not want to keep us. So they put out an ad. My mom called and she came to see me. And it was on me she cracked ...X 

What does a typical day of you look like? And are you an indoor kitty or are you able to go outdoors?

A typical day is to wake Mom to give us our pate, after rest. Then I play with Filou, I climb on the furniture, after rest, I eat, I play with the mouse, with the ball ... I go back to eat, I sleep ... A life of cat, what!X 

I live in town in a building. So impossible to get out. But luckily there is a balcony. When my mom gives us permission, we go outside. I love sniffing the air, scratching the soil of plants, eating leaves, lying down in the sun ...

You are now 1 year and 6 months old so a jong girl with lots of energy!! X Do you still like to play a lot and make the whole house unsafe (including the Christmas decorations X )? 

Are you ever naughty now that you are already 1,5 years old and what's the naughtiest thing you've ever done (probably when you were still a kitten)? X 

Yes!!! I have a lot of energy !!! I like climbing everywhere; Go on the carpet to make my claws .. Mom is not happy. I also like to sleep on the computer. Then I love playing with sponges for dishes. Suddenly Mom had to remove them.

My worst stupidity, for now, when I ate the mouse wire of the computer.

Can you tell us how your character/personality is Lully? X With which words can you describe your character? 

What is special about you? X 

I am playful, cheerful, jealous and mom says I am very cuddly!

You live in a house together with Dolly and Filou who are much older than you. Do you all get along, are you friends and do you play and sleep together? Do you all get a lot of mischief together?? X 

Who is your best friend in the house? X 

It is with Filou with whom I get along best ... We play together, we fight, we run after ... We sleep one against the other. Dolly is more independent and prefers to remain alone.

What is your favorite food and what are your favorite toys to play with?

My favorite food is the gourmet cans, the ham and also the croquettes.

The toys I like most: mice, bullets, laser and recently we received from a person that we adore, a "remote-controlled mouse"! Very good!

You live in France, can you tell us something about where you live? About your beautiful country, surroundings or the house you live in?

I live in town in a building. We are on the top floor. We have a wonderful view of the mountains !!


What would you like to say to all your friends on UC who voted for you? X 

Thank you beautiful Lully for getting to know you a little better. X 

We wish you a very happy and healthy 2017 for your whole family!! X X X Do you have any wishes for 2017?

A big thank you to all!! I am so happy to start the year with you! Thanks I love you!!X 

My wishes for 2017, I wish there were no more animals that suffer, that is abandoned ... May all be able to find a family!


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Slikovni rezultat za congratulations

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