I am 2 years, 8 months, 27 days old Male European Shorthair, my owner is 
and I am from Poland, woj. lubelskie . I joined United Cats on November 14, 2016.

My birthday is August 28, 2016.

Visiting time: 4 hours ago

I was Cat of the Week:
April 3, 2017 -
April 9, 2017


Congratulations cute Dyzio you have been voted cat of the week in the Netherlands, are you happy with it? X X 

And it is very special to because this is the 1st time you have been voted Cat of the Week ever!! X 

Do you think your mom will have a COTW celebration for you and what treats do you wish from her? X 

We will definitely spoil you this week!! X X 

1. Thank you for the nomination, I’m really surprised I’m going to be King of the Netherlands. I’m very happy and I’ll go a bit crazy as I usually do. I’ll surely get something delicious to eat and loads of gifts from my virtual friends.

Can you tell us the story about how you came to live with your family ( now 4 months ago) did they pick you or did you pick them? X 

We are sure when they saw you they could not resist!! X 

2. On November the 8th, 2016, on the early morning I was roaming a not particularly busy street near a bus stop. The humans were pressed to go to work. I was just about to enter the road when Ewa’s Mum who went out earlier than usual saw me. She picked me up spontaneously and went back home. I was very much frightened – there was a dog and some other cats bigger than me. But my distress didn’t last longer than one hour. I got used to my new surroundings and company very fast.

What does a typical day of you look like? 

And are you an indoor kitty or are you able to go outdoors?

Ewa lives on the fourth floor in a big building. All cats are indoor cats. We have a balcony at our disposal or else the window sill. Kropka is the only outdoor cat. And me? I sleep a lot, play with Kropka – we chase each other all over the place, eat, ask to be petted, solicit attention of my humans.

You are only 7 months old so a young boy with lots of energy!! Do you like to play a lot and make the whole house unsafe? X 

Today it is confession time, are you ever naughty (like all kittens) and what's the naughtiest thing you've done so far? X 

I am a teenage cat now, I’ve got second teeth and have been recently castrated.

I stole a sandwich a few times and peed outside the litter box. That’s all the damages I caused, I think.

Can you tell us how your character/personality is Dyzio? With which words can you describe your character?

What is special about you? X  

I purr a lot

I cosy up to humans and lick their faces

I’m very friendly

and handsome

and funny and cute

curious about mostly everything

You live in a house together with 7 other cats and also 1 sweet doggie. X X Do you all get along, are you friends and do you play and sleep together? 

Do you all get a lot of mischief together?? X 

Who is your best friend in the house? X 

Kropka is my true friend. She found her home here only a year earlier than me, but on the same day, 8 November. Now isn’t that an amazing coincidence? Ewa says I was a gift for Kropka on the first anniversary of her domestication. Other cats welcomed me here, we play together. Misia licks me sometimes.

What is your favorite food and what are your favorite toys to play with? X X 

I like my violet plush mouse very much– I carry it in m mouth, throw it into a water bowl – Mum jokes that I try to teach it swim.

As for food, I’ll eat anything - dry food, liver and kidneys, chicken and even Kropka’s dry snacks. I even tried to eat the bones she gets for dinner.

You live in Poland, can you tell us something about where you live? About your beautiful country, surroundings or the house you live in?

Poland is a calm, uneventful country. I live in a middle-sized town, which has its pros and cons. It is not so loud and busy as in the capital city but it is more difficult to get to the vet on holidays. And I don’t talk politics.


What would you like to say to all your friends on UC who voted for you? X X 

Thank you beautiful Dyzio for getting to know you a little better. X X 

Thank you too. I’m very happy I can rule your beautiful country for a week. I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made here and all your nice comments.


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Gratulacje kochany Dyziaczku X X X

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For DyzioX

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Slikovni rezultat za champagne and chocolate with flowers

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Congratulations!!! Happy Week!X X X

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Čestitke i pusa prekrasniću !!!!!!


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X Congratulations Dyzio!!!!X X X X

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X Dyziu, gdzie Ty "zawędrowałeś" X


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Gratulacje and gefeliciteerd our handsome Dutch King!

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