I am 2001 years, 7 months, 12 days old female American Shorthair, my owner is  and I am from United States, Westminster I’m called by Vegas. I joined United Cats on November 6, 2016.

My birthday is January 10, 16.

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I was Cat of the Week:
August 21, 2017 -
August 27, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS beautiful Vegas!  You're our English queen this week!  Your very first time to meow in the royal spotlight!

Are you excited to be queen, and will there be much celebrating with gifts and treats?

I am very happy to be your English Queen.  I am sure Grammy and the family will treat me with respect and give me a celebration of treats and petties and hugs and kisses.X 

We know that you were a stray cat roaming around in your family's back yard, and they decided to adopt you.

How have you adjusted to having a new home and living  indoors?

Do you miss the outdoor life of being able to do what you want?

I love my new home and my new family.  All of them. I love being in but I do still likes to go outside and sometimes I sneak past my family and out the door I go.  They has to come gets me.  I am usually good and don't go to far. As for doing what I want to I do still do that! MOL!X 


You have a very nice name.  What made your mom decide to name you Vegas?

Do you go by any other names?

They call me Vegas after Los Vegas.....Cause I was a Lost Vegas.  They also call me Veggie.....Eggy Veggie, and the brat.  X 

In Westminster where you live, it's very hot this time of year.  What do you do to stay cool?

Does your mom let you outdoors when it's so hot?

First off they don't let me out.....I just sneak out if and when I can.  They do let me out on the enclosed porch when weather permits.  

I does gets hot here....I do loves my air condition and in the winter I loves my heat.  So I have adjusted very well.X 


You're a very beautiful black cat. What do you think of the old superstition that black cats bring bad luck?

What would you like to tell us in behalf of all black cats everywhere?

Oh my that's just wrong!!!!!

Black cats are good luck. I have several black cats for siblings. We have all been so lucky to be a part of this family and this family has been lucky to have us. BLACK CATS ARE GOOD LUCK!!! SO GO GET ONE OR MORE. X  

In your home, there are many cats. How do you get along with all your new siblings?

Do you have a favorite buddy, or do you just like to keep to yourself?

My favorite buddy is Kahless. I love my Uncle K. He's good to me and I usually good to him.

I gets along with my siblings for the most part.

Not to say we don't have our moments. You know I like to rule the roost, as the saying goes. So Being Queen is right for me


What do you like to eat to keep you looking so beautiful?

Do you have a favorite treat?

I love my Friskies canned foods and my fancy feast and my Purinia dry foods.  Throw in a few treats and I'm good to go! X X 

Being that you lived outside on your own for some time, what has been the biggest adjustment of being a home cat?

Do you have any dislikes?

The biggest adjustment for me is not being able to get a birdie or two when I want one.  Also I like to be able to go outside on my own and come back when I want to.  But my family says I have to stay inside where it's safe.

Really I don't miss outside that much.  It's much nicer to be an inside cat and has a family to love you.X 

What is it about you that makes you a special girl?

What is your personality and character like?

I am very outgoing and a charmer.  I usually gets what I want (cause sometimes I'm a bully)X .  I am very cute and a lovable little girl.

Can you tell us a funny or interesting story about yourself?

Yes I will tell you my funny story, but don't laugh.

I love to go in the bath room with my family memebers.  Well at bath time I go in with Meowmy and she gets in the bath tub, and it's full of water.  Being the adventurous kitty that I am....I likes to see what's going on.  So I looked over the side of the tub and saw what she was doing so I thought I would go in with her.  Well you know what happen next......I gots all wet and I gave her a look and said what.......  than later Grammy gots in the shower.....well with Grammy's bad knees she has a chair she uses and the water comes from the shower.  The tubs not full of water so I figured I could get in a dry tub.  Well that was my mistake.  You know it's still wet.  I could gets in and out thought....and sometimes I do. X 

What five words best describe you?




Thank you sweet Vegas for letting us get to know you a little better. Anything else you would like to meow to all your friends who voted for you this week?

Have a wonderful week, our delightful and majestic royal girl.  Hip hip hurrah for QUEEN VEGAS!! X 

I would likes to thanks all my friends that voted for me and let them know how much I appreciate them being my friends.  I hope they will enjoy this week with me.  We will has a great week!  

  X Queen Vegas.X thank you all!


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