Fozzy Bear

I am 9 years, 6 months, 17 days old Male Mixed Breed, my owner is  and I am from United States, Westminster I’m called by Fozzy, Bear Butts, The Foz. I joined United Cats on July 9, 2016.

My birthday is May 1, 2008.

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November 19, 2017
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February 5, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS dashing Fozzy Bear!  You're our royal boy this week!  Your very first time to meow on the English throne.

Are you happy with this news, and do you think your family will spoil you with special treats and toys this week?

I am very excited to be King of The English Throne.  I might get scared, but I'll try hard to be a good King. Thanks you all for voting for me. X 

What is the story of how you came to live in your nice home?  Were you a kitten, or adopted later in life?

I came to my 4 ever home as my momcat PJ had me and my sisfur Angel Tiggie in the back yard.  My family took to us right away and made sure my mom had plenty of foods and waters to keep us all healthy. I'm so glady my family found us all.X 

You're a handsome  9 1/2 year old Mixed Breed cat.  What type of personality do you have?  

Are you a friendly boy, or more the shy type?

To be honest, I'm a very shy boy.  I loves my family....but I'm scared of everything.  I know they won't hurt me but boy is it scarey.  I am a very lovable cat and really wants to be loved like my siblings, but I get so scared.  I do likes my petties, but on my terms. X 

You share your home with many cats, among them your mother, PJ.

How do you all get along?  Are you still very bonded with your mother?

I loves my mom PJ and I really do miss my little sisfur Angel Tiggie.  She left me when she was only 11 months old.

As for the rest of the Crew of Cats....I love um all and I likes to play with um and be with um.  Tippy Toes is my basement buddy.  We are very good friends.  She is also my sisfur, but from another litter of kitties PJ had.X 

You have a very nice name.  What made your family decide to name you Fozzy Bear?  

Do they call you any other names?

Grammy sometimes calls me Bear Buts and Shy By......Shy By was the name she first picked out for me, but Mewomy didn't likes that so Meowmy changed it to Fozzy Bear, cause I was a little fuzzy ball when I was little.X 

What do you like to do in a typical day?  Do you go outside?  Do you like to take long naps?

I do not go outside......and I really don't wants's to big and scarey out there.  I love to take long naps.  I sleeps in the basement near the stove and keeps nice and warm. I also likes to explore the basement and once in a while I will come upstairs and play with my family.X 

Now that Winter is almost here, is it getting cold where you live?  

What do you like to do to keep warm?

Yes the temps are really changing.  One day it might be 70 and the next in the 30's.  This week they say we might gets down in the 20's at night.  Burr ..... that's cold.  I will be in the basement by the stove keeping warm.X 

Besides being so cute and sweet, what is it that makes you a special boy, and your family loves the most about you?

I'm just a cute Bear!X 

You have a nice home, and seem very content.  Is there anything that you don't like?

I don't likes to gets my nails cut or my ears cleaned and I really don't like to go in the carrier and go to the vets.X 

You are such a healthy looking and handsome boy.  What do you eat that gives you such lovely fur?

Do you have a favorite treat you like the best?

We eats Purina Dry cat foods and for wet foods we eats Fancy feast, Friskies, and sometime Sheba.  I loves my foods.  I

TREATS.....are a great thing.  I loves um all, but my favorite is Party Mix and Temptations.X 

Can you tell us a funny or entertaining story about yourself?  Maybe some sort of mischief you have gotten yourself into?

Being so shy I gets scared of my shadow sometimes.  Sometimes I am upstairs and don't know Grammy or someone is where they are and I'm doing my thing and all of a sudden they say....Hi Bear and I gets scared and don't know which way to go.  MOL! X 

What do you like best about your family, and if you could speak, what would you like to tell them?

X If I could speak ....I would tell my family how much I loves um all.  They are so good to me. 

What five words best describe you dear Fozzy Bear?

Sweet, Big Boy, Shy, Scared, but most of all Lovable. X 


Thank you for letting us get to know you a little better.  Is there anything else you would like to say to all your friends who voted for you this week?

Let's give a royal salute to our ever so charming and entertaining, everyone's favorite feline boy, KING FOZZY BEAR!! X X 

I would love to say THANK YOU ALL for Voting for me.  I will try to be a Brave King and has some fun with you all.  Has a great day!X 


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CONGRATULATIONS our handsome English King!

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