I am 12 years, 12 days old Male Domestic Short Hair, my owner is  and I am from United States, Westminster . I joined United Cats on January 19, 2014.

My birthday is March 8, 2006.

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March 25, 2018
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July 31, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS handsome Francis!  You're our English king this week!

How does it feel to be in the royal spotlight for your second time?

Will your family celebrate this week by spoiling you with nice gifts and tantalizing treats?

Oh my goodness!  King a second wonderful!X 

Grammy will be so excited and I know she will do somethings special.  Like extra treats, belly rubs, etc.X 

You're a 12 year old Domestic Short Hair cat.

What can you tell us about yourself?

What type of personality and character do you have?

I am a very lovable kitty.  I don't likes to be alone, I need attentions.  I love my family and I likes to play with my siblings too.  I love to jump out at um and scare um.X 

How did you come to live in your nice home. Were you a kitten, or adopted later in life?

I was an adult kitty when I gots adopted.  Me and Kibbles were adopted the same day....from the York County SPCA in York, PA. It was our lucky day.X 

What do you do in a typical day?  Do you get to go outside?

We only gets to go outside on a leash when the weather is nice and Grammy can walk.  

My Day is full of lots of watching....chasing my siblings.....napping.....and playing with my siblings....and getting rubbies from my Grammy.X 

You share your home with many other cats.  How do you get along with all of them?

Do you have any favorite buddies you spend the most time with?

I love all my family members.  For the most part we all gets along.  My buddies is DC.  We likes to play the same thing and chase Moo and Tommie (MOL!)X 

What makes you the most happy in life?

Do you have a favorite toy?

I am most happy when my Grammy loves me and pays attentions to me.  I love my family.X 

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

Wish #1.  For all furries to has a loving and forever home.

Wish #2.  For all my family members to be healthy and stay that way.

Wish #3. To share my Love, and Happiness with you all. X 

You seem like a very mellow fellow.  Is there anything you don't like?

I dislike being alone!

I also dislike having my ears cleaned. MOL!

You have a very nice name.  What made your family decide to call you Francis?

My name was Francis when they adopted me and since I was an adult they thought they would keep it.  I love my name. 

Francis means....Francesco ("the Frenchman")was the name given to Saint Francis of Assisi (born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone) by his francophile father celebrating his trade with French merchants. Due to the renown of the saint, this Italian name became widespread in Western Europe during the Middle Ages in different versions (Francisco, François, etc.). However, it was not regularly used in Britain until the 16th century as Francis

The name of France itself comes from the Germanic people known as the Franks; the origin of their name is unclear but is thought to mean "free".

The characteristic national weapon of the Franks was the francisca, a throwing axe.

What makes you a special boy, and your family loves the most about you?

I really don't know, but they Love my with all their hearts...just a I do them.X 

Can you share with us an entertaining or funny story about yourself?

Believe it or not.....when I first came here to live....I had to have my little stuffed animal that I had in the shelter.  They told my family it was my comfort toy.  I would sleep with it .....sit with it. and where ever I went it went too.  Once I was comfortable at my house I gave it up.....Grammy said it was getting to dirty and smelly.  I really didn't miss it with all the love I get from my family.

What five words best describe you?

Five words that best describe me:

1. Lovable

2. Charming

3. Cute

4. Handsome

5. Just plain old me. MOL!

Thank you for a very nice interview dear Francis. Is there anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Now, it's time to celebrate! A hip hip hurrah to our ever so charming boy, KING FRANCIS! X X 

I just wants to say Thank you All so much.  I love you all and enjoy United Cats.X 


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Thanks you all for this honor again. I love it here on UC. Hope you'll check my blogs to see what's going on for each day this week. We will be touring and having fun. So come along.X

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CONGRATULATIONS our handsome English king!

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Congratulations Francis X

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