I am 11 years, 21 days old Male Domestic Short Hair, my owner is  and I am from United States, Las Vegas NV I’m called by Maxxy. I joined United Cats on July 9, 2016.

My birthday is April 1, 2007.

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April 22, 2018
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July 16, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS dear Jack!  You're our English king this week!

Are you happy to be meowing on the English throne for your very first time?

Will you family spoil you this week with nice gifts and tantalizing treats?

I'm so happy and excited to be chosen as the English King. I know my mom will give me lots of treats and extra lovings. 

Taking a baff

You're quite the handsome black and white fellow of 11 years.  Can you tell us about yourself, what kind of personality/character you have?

Are you the shy sort or one that likes to meow?

I'm a very shy boy. I don't meow much and I don't like strangers. I do love my mom petting me, but she has to be very calm and quiet around me or I'll run away from her.

How did you come to live in your nice home?  Were you a kitten, or adopted later in life?

My mom adopted my brother King Rex at adoptions. I was too little to be adopted. Two weeks later when I was bigger and fixed she came to my foster home and adopted me. 

What do you like to do in the typical day?   Do you ever go on adventures outside?

Do you have a favorite toy, a favorite game you like to play?

I love to sunbath and watch the outside world. I love watching birdies. I play with Spice and take afternoon sunbaths. Spice and I wrestle and chase each other. I don't play much with toys.

My belly

You share your home with seven feline housemates.  How do you all get along?

Do you have a best buddy?  

Is there ever any sibling rivalry among all of you?

Spice is my best friend. I also get along with King Rex, Bugsy and Simba. I don't like Abby or Smokey Jay. I do get jealous when my mom pets my siblings. King Rex and I will get into little wrestling matches. He thinks he is in charge of our house.

What is it that makes you a special boy, and your family loves the most about you?

My mom loves me because I'm so sweet and shy. I like to chillax and be petted. I don't like fighting with my fursibs. I'm a gentle and sweet boy.

What makes you the most happy in life?

Is there anything you don't like?

I'm happiest when my mom is petting me and brushing me. I don't like loud noises or strangers. 

Posing for the camera

You are very handsome Max.  What do you eat to keep you looking so handsome?

I eat Fancy Feast chicken and turkey canned food. I eat Iams and Authority chicken dry food. On occasion I get chicken treats. 

Can you share with us a funny or interesting story about yourself?  

Do you ever like to get into mischief?

When I lived in my foster home my best friend was a big doggie. the other kitties didn't like me. When my mom came to get me from my foster home, I was playing with the doggie and I ran right into my new mom. I wrapped around her legs and she got some scratches from it. On occasion I've been known to hide and pounce on King Rex.

What five words best describe you?

I'm sweet, shy, timid, loving and handsome.

If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be?

I would wish for more mom time, more treats and most of all for all kitties and doggies to have a forever home.

I'm the Polish King of the week 7/10/17

Thank you Max for a very nice interview and letting us get to know you a little better.  Any final meows to all your friends?

Let's give a clapping of the paws to our wonderful royal boy this week, KING MAX! X X 

Thank you all so much for choosing me. I'm so honored and happy to be your King. I'll do my best to be a pawsome king.


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CONGRATULATIONS our handsome English king!

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