CONGRATULATIONS dear Franek on having the honor to be our English king for your second time!

This is your twelfth  time, however, to be meowing in the royal spotlight.  How does this make you feel?

Will your family spoil you this week with tasty treats and nice gifts?

Thank you very much, I feel honored!

I hope for lots of snacks. At least now, I can forget that I'm on a diet.

You come to us all the way from Poland.  What is it like where you live?

I live in the great metropolis Silesia. I live on a large estate on the ninth floor. From the balcony I have a beautiful view, there are a lot of trees and flowers.

Zatem nowe profilowe, znowu :-/ So, new profile, again :-/

Your a nine year old European Short hair cat, and quite the handsome fellow.  Can you tell us about yourself and what kind of personality you have?

I am a very nice and calm cat. I'm good, I like to purr and cuddle.

How did you come to live in your nice home? Were you a kitten or adopted later in life?

I was telling about my story very many times. It begins sad, but it has a good ending.

She left for the Rainbow Bridge Cineczka. Joanna loved her very much. The next day, her son and daughter in law of Joanna brought me to her house. Joanna really crying, it was too short a time for mourning Cineczka. I was tiny and very longed for love. My human mom loved me immediately. If Cineczka was still alive, I would not be now with Joanna and Filip. 

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You're a very popular gent on the site, and have many friends. What do you think is the secret to your growing popularity?

It's enough to be here every day, remember the birthday of friends, give away lots of presents, add cool photos. Then friends also remember about me

Not only do you have many friends, but you have caught the eye of one particular feline, beautiful Sydney from the USA. 

Oh, do tell us more!

It's a very nice relationship. We visit the Sydney gallery and write nice comments. Sydney has beautiful pictures. Two moms who love to take pictures will always find a common language. Our moms like to talk to each other on Skype, but the nicest thing is when we get lovely presents in real life. Diane makes very beautiful calendars and cards for holidays and birthdays. We have a lot of beautiful toys and delicious treats from the USA. This is super cool! 

There is also a second friend - Diana Carolina. She also sent our mom a beautiful birthday card. UC is a great site, there are real friendships here. 

You have even received gifts in the mail from your sweetheart Sydney.  Can you share with us what you have received? 

The answer is already higher, but I will add that my mom also received beautiful gifts, including a necklace with a wolf motif,  

and also products made in the city of Olympia, where Diane and Sydney live.

Your mom Joanna works at a foundation to help cats. Can you tell us more about the foundation and what she does there?

Mom loves those cats, she says she loves them like me and Filip. She goes to them to clean and feed. She buys very good food and delicacies and toys for them too. She plays with them, and makes a lot of pictures of these cats. I invite you to the album → Fundacja Koty Katowic

and → Free-living cats

Dzień Czarnego Kota ♥ / Black Cat Day ♥

When your mom is away at work, how do you entertain yourself?

Are you happy when she comes home of a day?

What do you do to let her know you are happy she is back home?

Mom is retired, so she spends most of her time with us. It's good. We miss only when she goes to visit her daughter in England. Fortunately, she rarely goes there. Apparently because she does not like to leave us.

You seem like a very happy boy.  What do you like the most in life?

Is there anything you don't like?

I'm happy, nothing more to add. Everything has to be like now.

Poluję na mysz :D I'm hunting for a mouse :D

Your share your home with Siamese brother, Filip. Are you two best friends? What do you like to do with him the most?

Do you ever have disagreements?

Our relations are exemplary.

Filip bringing up me from the beginning. Sometimes he to get hit on the head from him, but I don't have grief to Filip, because he never did me harm. Now we are inseparable. Everything we doing together. Meals together. Fun together. Rest time together. Cuvette, also together.

It's nice to have an older "brother".

It's starting to get cold now with Winter not far away. What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm?

Do you have a favorite place you like to nap?

Winter is not terrible when there are so many warm blankets, quilts and couches and armchairs at home. The only drawback is that the balcony is closed, but spring will come and again the balcony will open.

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Your mom has taken many lovely pictures of you and Filip, and you even star in many entertaining videos.  Do you like getting so much attention?

What do you think is your best feature?

I do not like to pose, but when the treats are rewards, let these photo sessions take place.

What five words best describe you?

Beautiful, Handsome, Charming, Sweet, Ideal.

Zdjęcie jeszcze ciepłe ;-)

Thank you for a very nice interview dear boy.  Anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Let's give a gracious welcome to our ever so charming and distinguished English royalty this week....


Thank you very much for the nomination. To rule in English-speaking countries is a great honor. I am proud and happy. I greet you, my friends from all over the world. Meow. Yours, Franek.


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Very interesting and beautiful interviewX Congratulations, dear King FranekX

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Gratulacje, Królu Franku! Congratulations! X X X

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