Prince Dačo

I am 9 months, 2 days old Male British Shorthair, my owner is  and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka . I joined United Cats on October 12, 2018.

My birthday is August 20, 2018.

Visiting time: 7 hours ago

I was Cat of the Week:
December 3, 2018 -
December 9, 2018

Congratulations beautiful King Dačo you have been voted cat of the week in the Netherlands , are you happy to be King? X X 

It is the 2nd time for your family to be CotW in the Netherlands!!  We will give you a nice tour through our country X X 

Will your family spoil you with wonderful gifts and tasty treats? And what do you wish from them? X 

We are sure we will spoil you this next 2 weeks X X 

I am as happy as my family who I have been chosen for a cat of the Netherlands and I will demand a lot of treats from them and take care of my king

You are put on UC on 12th of October so you just arrived at your new home and family. X 

Can you tell us the story about how you came to live with your family 

Did your mum pick you or did you pick her? X 

We are sure when they saw you they could not resist X 

If I had just arrived at my new home and I came by the owner one night with my husband back from the walk and saw me next to the road and immediately grabbed me and brought with me home to my new home

What does a typical day of you look like? X 

Are you an indoor kitty or do you go outdoors? X 

My day is very exciting to play with Princess Simon I climb by the owner, I go outside but since I'm cold I prefer to be in the house and sleep on the wing of my owner

Can you tell us how your character/personality is? With which words can you describe your character? X 

What makes you a special boy, what does your family love the most about you? X 

I am very humorous, I love to get wet and family because I like it but I'm also stubborn and must be all the way I want it

You are only 3 months old so a jong boy with lots of energy!!  X 

Do you like to play a lot and make the whole house unsafe? X 

Are you a naughty boy and what's the naughtiest thing you've done so far? X 

I am full of energy and I like to play and watch with Princess Simon at home and do what I do not like to write on bed and the owner angry but I do it again because I want to do it

What is your favorite food and what are your favorite toys to play with? X X X 

I love everything to eat and I love meat most, I like to play with a whisker paper

You live in a house together wih 9 other cats, X X X 

Do you all get along with them?

Are you all friends and do you play together? Do you all get a lot of mischief together?? X 

Who is your best friend in the house?

If I live in a house with 8 cats there are 5 adult cats and 4 small cats with adults do not agree those do not like our little cats I most closely associate with Princess Simone and she is my best friend

You live in Bosnia and Herzegovina X 

Can you tell us something about where you live? About your country, surroundings or the house you live in? X 

Is it already winter in your country? 

I live in the Republika Srpska in the suburb of Banja Luka and live in the house I have a large yard, there is no snow in us but it is cold in fact twice the snow but it has split off the other day

What would you like to say to all your friends on UC who voted for you to be King for 2 weeks? X X 

Thank you sweet Dačo for getting to know you a little better X X 

Lets have a nice party together .............X X X 

Thanks to all my friends who voted for me and allowed me to be a cat of the week and want to be happy with this together with my friends and family, all of you love and greet your Prince Dacho


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Congratulations King DačoX

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Happy cat of the week in the Netherlands X X

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Čestitke i pusa medeni Prince Dačo !!!!!!

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Congratulations X X X

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King Daco X

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