Valar Silversmoke

I am 15 years, 8 months, 30 days old Male Abyssinian, my owner is  and I am from United Kingdom, London I’m called by Vali, babyboy. I joined United Cats on February 1, 2008.

My birthday is July 23, 2003.

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Congratulations handsome Valar Silversmoke on having the honour to meow on the English throne once again.

Are you happy to be in the English royal spotlight for your sixth time?

How do you plan to celebrate your special week?

Of course I am very happy!! I will celebrate by making sure that dog knows who is king in my house!

First of all, let us get to know you a little better.  Can you tell us about yourself and what sort of personality you have?

Now, that I am older, I am pretty laid back  most of the time - I sleep a lot. But when I am awake I am very demanding and things have to be done immediately when I ask for them. 

Has anything special happened in your life since you were king a year ago?

A dog came to live with us and makes my life more difficult. He is big and clumsy. I am older and have some problems with my kidneys. 

You're now fifteen and a half years old, so quite the mature fellow.  Do you think you think you have gotten wiser over the years?

What important life's lesson have you learned in your fifteen years?

I am a very wise cat! 

I have learned that the louder you meow when you want something the faster it gets delivered.

So how is life going with doggie brother Volt?  Are you two boys getting along?

Do you ever play together, maybe even get into a little mischief together?

We get along as long as he isn't too close to me! Most of the time inside we both sleep. 

No, he would want to play, but I am too old for that.

Can you share with us an entertaining story about yourself?

Not really...only that the vet I went to see, thought I was the most gentle friendly cat. But when my mum left me there (to have my teeth looked at) I apparently turned into a monster - even making the vet scared - once my mum returned I was the most friendly boy once again. 

Do you like to go on outdoor adventures?

What is your favourite thing to do?

I live going out onto the terrace, and ma favourite thing to do is sit in the sun and look at the birdies. 

For many of us, with age, comes slowing down.  How are you doing health wise?

Can you still keep up with the younger cats?

I don't know about younger cat - as we don't have any. But I have to be careful as my kidney are getting old too. 

You are quite the handsome boy, a beautiful Abyssinian cat,  What do you think is your best feature?

My tail!

You have a very noble name.  What made you mom decide to call you Valar Silversmoke?  

Do you go by any other names?

That is my pedigree name - Silversmoke. My mum had to choose a name starting with a "V" according to the breeders. She chose Valar (Latin for valour) but she calls me Vali. 

Your mom has been with UC/UD since the beginning.  What do you think could bring back the excitement of the early days to the site?

People writing more - like we wrote adventure stories and such. It was great fun!!

So Valar, being quite the handsome gent that you are, do you have any girlfriends?

What do you think makes you so charming?

Well, I do talk to the lady cats I see when I sit on my terrace. I am just a real gentle cat!

What are three things you would like to happen in the future?

Just one thing really: That I can live still for quite some time in relatively good health.

What five words best describe you?

Sleepy, calm, demanding, gentle, beautiful. 

Thank you for a very nice interview, your Lordship.  Anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Let's give a warm welcome to our English royalty, once again, the ever so debonair and entertaining fellow....


Enjoy every moment of your life and get all the things you want. 

Thank you ALL for voting me to be your king for a week.


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