I was Male Siamese, my owner was  and I am from United States, Kingston, WA . I joined United Cats on November 3, 2015.

  Date: 20.08.99 - 06.08.12

My birthday is August 20, 1999.

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CONGRATULATIONS sweet angel King Gitsu. You've been chosen to be our Dutch royalty this week!! X  X 

Are you happy to be our King dear angel? X X 

It is the 1st time for you to be CotW in our country!! So we think you are very exited. We will give you a nice tour through our country the next 2 weeks.

Will all the angels be celebrating in the stars, as well as your family here on earth? X X 

We are sure we will spoil you this next 2 weeks X X 

Oh, thank you very much.  Or should I meow, "Dank je wel".  I'm so delight to be king in Holland for not one, but two weeks!  My wings are fluttering with eager anticipation.

Already, all my angel friends are starting to celebrate.  The finest of angel tailors is making me a beautiful gold robe to wear as king.

And of course, my mommy on earth is very happy that I will be king.  She has already made very nice pictures for my royal two weeks.

Image result for siamese cat angel

Can you tell us the story of how you came to live with your family? Were you a kitten, or adopted later in life? X 

We are sure when they saw you they could not resist. You were such a beautiful boy. X X 

Well, my Mommy went with her mother to the Animal Shelter to find her a cat, but when she looked down at the big cage on the floor with two 6 month old Siamese brothers, me and Ginseng, she could not resist.  She fell in love with us the minute she saw us.  She was so excited and just wanted to do the happy dance.

She had 2 boy cats at home already, Maestro and Popeye, and knew that having 4 boy cats would be quite the challenge, but she didn't care.  She just had to adopt us.  You see, someone had just dumped us in the woods in the middle of Winter to fend for ourselves.

Here we are with our blue collars we wore at the shelter.  Can you tell which is me? X 

Our first day in our new home.

My two little rascals

On earth, what did you like to do in a typical day? 

Were you an indoor kitty or did you go outdoors? X X 

All of Mommy's cats have always been indoor cats only.  But that didn't stop me from having all kinds of wonderful adventures in the house.  

I was a very energetic boy and had to always be doing something.  And getting into mischief was my favorite thing to do.  My brother Ginseng preferred the more leisurely life, taking naps and the such.

But mews, I had to always be up doing something.  At night when Mommy would watch television on her recliner chair, I would pace around and around the chair.  Mommy would say "Gitsu, you're going to get dizzy, going around and around".

I liked to jump up on top of all the cabinets in the house, and of course, it's only fun, when you can knock things over.  I broke many of Mommy's figurines over the years.

When not jumping on top of cabinets, I was trying to get into closets and kitchen cupboards and find food.  Yes indeed, I was quite the naughty boy.  But this is what made Mommy love me so much.  She use to call me her little "Beast"

Oh, and not only all of this, but I lived up to the Siamese reputation of having a howling meow.  While Ginseng had a soft and sweet meow, I had quite the roar.

First day home from the Animal Shelter

You were such a beautiful Siamese boy. X  Can you tell us more about yourself and what kind of character and personality did you have?  X 

What made you a special boy and what does your family misses the most about you? X 

I was special in that I had such a strong personality.  While Mommy said I was a little tormenting at times with all my mischievous deeds and my loud meow, this is what she misses the most about me now, that I'm an angel.  She wishes she could hear me meow just one more time.

I was a gentle boy, never did I hiss or give the smacky paw.  I was rather a pesky boy where Maestro was concerned.  I would follow him around and try to sniff his rump, and he would sometimes hiss at me.  You see, he and my brother Ginseng were best buddies, and for Maestro, three was a crowd.  

Can you share with us a pleasant memory your family has of you? X 

Were you ever naughty and what's the naughtiest thing you've ever done? (probably when you were still a kitten) X 

Sadly, as the years are going by, Mommy's memory is fading, and she can't remember as much.  But probably the most pleasant memory is the day she brought Ginseng and me home.  We were just kittens and staring out in life.  Those were happy days, and Mommy wishes she could go back in time to that special day,  Maestro was young, just about six months older then us, and Popeye, also young.

As mews mentioned before, yes, I was quite the naughty boy.  But mews couldn't resist.  It was just so much fun getting into mischief.  

Probably my most naughty deed is one night Mommy was watching television, and she looked up at her china cabinet, and there was only one angel figurine on top of it.  So she got up on the sofa and looked on top of the cabinet, and there was the other angel, broken in pieces.  While Mommy didn't actually see me perform the naughty deed, she knew it was me.  Ha ha, I was a bad kitty cat.  

So Mommy put the broken pieces in a big box in her closet with all the other broken figurines and dolls I had broken earlier.  To this day, the box still sits in the closet.  Mommy always thinks she will try to fix some of them, but she never gets to it.

Siamese Twins

What was your favorite food and what were your favorite toys to play with?  X X X 

I had quite the appetite, but we only ate Little Friskies dry food.  That was all of us boy cats favorite.  Mommy gave us can food once in a while as a treat.

Since all of us four boy cats would just eat and eat if Mommy left food out all the time, we were fed three times a day.  We each had our own bowl, and Mommy would have to sit on the floor with us as we ate, so when one was done with his food, he would not try to eat one of the other's food.  I, of course, ate the most fast, so I would try to steal from the others, especially Maestro, as he ate very slow.

I loved to play with my plastic doughnut with the ball inside.  I would play all night with it, and Mommy would say "Gitsu, no more playing" because I would wake her up with the noise.  But mews never listened of course.

ha, Mommy doesn't know who is who in this picture


You lived in a house together with your brother X Ginseng and also with X Popeye and X  Maestro. Together you were the 4 muscateers X X 

Did you all get along with all of them?

Were you all friends and did you play and sleep together? Did you all get a lot of mischief together?? It must be with 4 boys X 

Who was your best friend in the house? X X 

We were all good friends.  I annoyed Maestro at times, but overall, we still got along.  We use to all nap in our little bed together, all piled on top of one another.  Mommy would laugh at us sleeping in our tiny bed, but that's the way we liked it.

At night time when Mommy was trying to sleep, we could get a little wild, running through the house, crashing into things.  Mommy would scream "settle down boys", but of course, we didn't listen.  In the morning, Mommy would find things knocked over all over the house.

I really didn't have a best buddy.  I guess I was always following Maestro, so he was my best buddy, even though Ginseng was his.  Mommy sometimes felt sorry for me, because I wanted to be with Maestro, but he was friends with Ginseng.

But there were never any fights, only once in a while Maestro would get irritated with me always following him.  I was just a pesky little brother.

Us four boys on top of the stove.  We liked to get warm when Mommy used to the oven.

The Four Muskateers

Your mommy tells us you were her little beast, why is that? X 

Mommy called me "Beast" because I was always up to mischief and always meowing.  But this is what she loved about me.  I was always getting into trouble, and being sneaky.  I always kept Mommy guessing as to what I would get into next.

Image result for siamese cat angel clipart

What do you miss most about your life here on earth? X 

And if you could send a message to your family here on earth, what would you like to say to them? X 

I miss my Mommy the most, and getting into mischief.  Because you know, when one becomes an angel, they have to give up their naughty ways and be a good boy.  It's a secret, but I still manage to get into a little mischief from time to times up here in the stars.  The key is to just not get caught.

I would like to tell my Mommy not to be sad for me or all her angels.  She still gets sad for us every day no matter how many years have gone by, and wishes we could still be with her.

Thank you dear angel for visiting us from the stars this week and getting to know you a little better.X X 

What would you like to say to all your friends on UC who voted for you to be King for 2 weeks? X X 

Lets have a nice party together .............X X X X 

Thank you very much for selecting me to be king in your lovely country.  It will be a wonderful two weeks of celebration, and I hope you will all come to my party.

Thank you friends, and remember, while you may not see us angels, we are with you every day, watching over you.  X X 

My Heavenly Birthday, Aug 20!  Thank you Didi


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