Princess Živka

I am 1 year, 24 days old female Mixed Breed, my owner is  and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka I’m called by Mrvica. I joined United Cats on June 10, 2018.

My birthday is April 26, 2018.

Visiting time: just now

I was Cat of the Week:
May 6, 2019 -
May 12, 2019

Congratulations lovely Princess Živka!  You've been chosen to be our English queen,  Your very first time to purr in the royal spotlight!

Are you happy to be our English royalty this week?

How do you hope to celebrate?

I am very surprised and happy that I have just been chosen for the Queen of England I feel so proud and important and I will celebrate with my friends on this site

You're an one year old Mixed Breed cat, so still a very young girl.  Can you tell us about yourself, and what kind of personality you have?

 I'm a razor of racial and homemade cats like my mom and I'm still young, I'm very much a humor, I love getting wet and hunting birds

You're the daughter of Serena, so you've been with your family from time of birth.  What do you like best about your family?

 I'm Serena's daughter, I have my brother Cicka, sister Simone, and auntie Miu Miu. I like my sister Simone the most. She's younger than me by four months, and we are always together. She doesn't kike to pay attention to me.

What do you like to do in a typical day?

Where is your favorite place to nap?

I like to play with my sister and my friend Daco, I like to run on the grass and I love to sleep on the work table next to the window, I sleep a bit, I look a little out of the window if there is a bird

You share your home with many cats and dogs too. How do you get along with all of them? Do you have a best buddy you spend the most time with?

I have a lot of dog cats in my home, we all agree well and I agree with my sister Simone, sometimes I play with Daco but this game ends with a pound so I always beat him in a beat

On warm Spring days, do you like to sit in windows and watch the birds outside?

What do you like best about Spring?

I love to look out the window and watch the birds and who passes the street, I love Spring because they have green grass so I can go and run on it

You seem like a very happy girl.  What are some of the things you like?

Is there anything you don't like?

If I am a very happy girl I have owners who love me and hold in my arms and I like it and I do not like them when they go out then I feel lonely

What would you say is the most important thing that has happened in your life?

For me, it is the most important thing in life that I have chosen for the Queen of England

Can you share with us an entertaining story about yourself?

I once climbed to the roof of the house and walked to the top of the roof I was super owner and when she saw me she started calling me to come down and I did not rule out her

What do you like best about being a cat?

What do you think makes you a special girl?

I love what I'm a cat and I think we are cats owners of their owners and they are our servants and most I like when my property serves me

What five words best describe you?

Impressive, beautiful, quiet, small and independent


Thank you dear girl for a very nice interview.  Anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Let's give a raising of the paws to our sweet and charming English royalty this week....

Princess Živka....hip hip hurrah!! X X 

I want to thank all the friends who gave my voice and have made me able to be Queen of England all of them greeting and I love Princess Zivka


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