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I am 13 years, 3 months, 20 days old female Mixed Breed, my owner is  and I am from Croatia I’m called by Nerm, weather forecast. I joined United Cats on May 27, 2017.

My birthday is January 1, 2006.

Visiting time: 3 hours ago

A little bit about me


  • Active
  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Independent
  • Calm

About me

I am the second oldest cat here!

Not much is known about me, really. I just kind of appeared at my human's door and immediately settled in as if I lived there with them for years.

I am a strange cat, you know? I love the rain. I love storms, I love the outdoors, I love observing my humans, I roll around a lot, I see ghosts, I predicted an earthquake, I talk to aliens, catch mice and birds, love annoying Mici, but Mici was bullying me first for a lot of years though.

Even though no one ever abused me, I love acting as if I'm being beaten to near-death every day. I scream a lot too! I eat using my paws and I am not scared of dogs. In fact, I was the first one who accepted Luna when she entered the house for the first time! The same happened again with a foster puppy we had for a short while. X

I am an excellent hunter and keep my humans safe and fed every day. That's how much I love them. X



Favourite food

Basscally everything, including the animals I catch, but humans won't eat for some reason. They are really picky eaters.

Favourite toy

I used to not be very interested in playing, but Njoko managed to draw my playful side out and now I'll play with him doing crazy acrobatics all over the house.




Storms, rain, outdoors, birds, mice, lizards, everything that's small and moves.

What makes me special

I talk to aliens every night. I sit on the balcony and stare at the stars. I need to inform them of the human activities and help them plan an invasion. X

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