Dear Friends,

Mom and Cisco are posting for me because the time snuck up on me and I was gone before Mom knew it. I died getting into my favorite chair, beside my beloved food plate, in a warm room with Mom and Cisco right here too. I was very skinny, my fur all patchy and my eyes sometimes goopy but I was still sassy, if not fat, still enjoying my chow, drinking and took my meds like a good boy (Mom's opinion, not mine). Right now I'm still in my own house, in a box on top of the cedar chest near the fire, where I loved to lay. For a six dollar kitten, I had a pretty good run--16 years and 6 months.

Please join my rainbow flight. When Cisco finishes crying he'll organize my ride.

Love to all of my friends and I know I'll see many other old friends at the Bridge,,


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