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I am 10 years, 3 months, 8 days old Male Mixed Breed, my owner is 
and I am from United States . I joined United Cats on April 12, 2010.

My birthday is February 12, 2009.

Visiting time: more than 3 months ago

A little bit about me

About me

Im a fat little cat! I was born at my mommys local pet store :] When i was little i had a huge head. I slept in my mommys bed every night and still do. I eat pretty much anything, im not picky(Like shady x3). My best friend is the family dog! We play all the time, although sometimes i want to rest and he bothers me teehee. I love chasing things!!! Im not an outside cat, although sometimes i try to slip out. I have many nicknames from my mommy and her family. They include Bubba, Jimmy, Fat Boy, Fatty, MammerDo, and Mammer.

What makes me special

I am very lovable and love to be pet. I have a cute little meow that my mommy has never heard any cat make, she says im special.

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