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I am 11 years, 11 months, 23 days old female Domestic Short Hair, my owner is  and I am from Canada, Toronto, Ontario I’m called by Bit, Sweetheart, Baby, Bitsterwitster. I joined United Cats on October 1, 2009.

My birthday is January 27, 2007. Only 8 day away, can’t wait, can't wait, can't wait!

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About me

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I was a stray (or feral) and twice spent a few months in a shelter. Although I was little more than a kitten myself, I gave birth to one kitten shortly after arriving there the first time but it died minutes after birth and then I was spayed. I was adopted but returned to the shelter after a couple of months where I languished until my forever Mom found me. I´m still timid but I want so much to relax and enjoy being loved. Slowly but surely I´m getting there. I´m even learning to accept being kissed and that Mom isn't a scratching post! (L)


Torbie with every cat colour (except grey and white) and I have classic tabby circles on my sides.X

Favourite food

I'm spoiled with salmon, tuna and chicken Fancy Feast Grilled and Florentine plus any kind of soft or crunchy cat treat :-d

Favourite toy

Colored plastic springs, peacock feathers, everything I can knock down (oops) *happily, I've outgrown this habit* and fur mice (jingling or better yet, breathing) *no live ones in the new pad - dang*!!! X

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Life in the cold hard streets and being unwanted, any strange noises, all people food except tapioca pudding, cookies, candies and chocolate (only to lick, not to eat). And cats aren't supposed to like sweets - teehee!


Feeling safe and loved, a warm bed laying near Mom, a full tummy, being brushed, getting scratched under my chin and on the top of my head, playing, playing and MORE PLAYING!   There can never be too much playing! 

What makes me special

I´m a survivor and I must be charming too or I wouldn´t be in my new home forever home. Plus my lovely coat of many colours, big innocent green-gold eyes and chirpy little meow. And now I can fetch! YAY!! ;-)(click arrow on bottom left)

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