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I was female Domestic long hair, my owner was 
and I am from Croatia, Zagreb . I joined United Cats on September 18, 2013.

  Date: 23.09.00 - 09.12.18

My birthday is September 23, 2000.

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Slikovni rezultat za clip art

Rest in peace sweet angel Čići. You were such a special girl, you were your mommy's princess. You have been with her for such a long time. Your star will shine very bright, so your mom can always see it when she looks at the stars.

To say goodbye to one of our childs is the most difficult thing we have to do. They are all special to us, but with some the bond is bigger, they are inside our hearts. And Čići was very special and always will be special. She will leave a gap in your heart forever

In our hearts they will live on, their memories will always be treasured by us. None of them are really gone as long as we have those memories.

from Astrid

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Foto montaža napravio sa Pixiz (Queen Miu Miu, MjeÅ¡anac)off-white with long hair on the face and maskicom

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor so sorry for your loss

Favourite toy

themselves and little mom


other cats and sometimes even the whole world


Peace and Sleep

What makes me special

I have a very special place in my mother's heart really like to be loved

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