Hello my friends,

My life of crime continues. Mommy calls me her Bathroom Bandit!

I jump up on the bathroom counter and take whatever I can. Today Mommy was laughing at me. She would put her scarf on the counter, and sure enough, I would jump up on the counter, put it in my mouth, jump off the counter and go down the hallway.

Sometimes I take my loot upstairs, and sometimes I leave it in the hallway or the computer room. Mommy wishes she had a video camera so she could film my life of crime. Hey, I'm not stealing, just borrowing. If Mommy doesn't want me to take items, she shouldn't leave them on the counter.

My life of crime is only limited to the downstairs bathroom. I don't take items from the kitchen counters or on top of furniture in the house, only items in the downstairs bathroom. Mommy tells me I'm such a funny girl, and she always laughs when she sees me going down the hallway with my loot.

Yes, I'm Daisy, "Sticky Paws", but what can I meow, one has to find ways to entertain oneself when they are an indoor cat. X


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