Hello my friends,

We have more snow. It's now 6 inches, and more snow is predicted for Sunday. Mews sure am glad I'm an indoor cat.

Mommy has been fussing and fuming today because the snow is causing bad internet. But since she couldn't be on the computer earlier, she cleaned house. And she found all kinds of things, whiskers, claws, 3 missing mice, and some other toys. There sure was a lot of fur everywhere. These past weeks it's been too cold to clean, so Mommy said "Daisy, we will just have to live in a dirty house". Mews don't really care, as long as my food dish is full, my litter box clean, and fresh water twice a day.

But this is not the big news. I have a new cousin. Mommy's brother was driving his jeep early in the morning and found a cat in the street that had been hit by a car. The week before he found one too, but he had been killed. But this kitty was still alive.

He drove her to the local vet for them to see if they could save her. Long story short, although she was very hurt, after a lot of treatment and care, she is going to make it. She is about 9 months old, black with white paws. Mommy's brother is going to keep her. The vet bill was very expensive, but he wanted to save her no matter what.

Now, she is at his house but needs much care. Mommy's brother has another cat, Teeger, so the new kitty has to be in a separate room for a while now.

Mommy visited the kitty at the hospital and she wanted to keep her, but no, she will have to settle for being Auntie.

Now Mommy and her brother are trying to think of a nice name. The vet clinic named her Crash because she was hit by a car. Mommy thought that's an awful name. She wants to name her something that means second chance, or reborn, or something like that. Can any of you think of a nice name?

Well, that's what's been going on here. Mews am enjoying sitting in the window watching the snow. But Mommy is a little worried. More is coming and all her Spring flowers that were coming up are buried.

Hope you all are keeping warm X


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