Good Morning X

Today is my going home day. The Vet cleared me and said I can go home, bud sadly mom doesn't have a ride to come and get me today, so I am stuck here another night all alone.

Did I tell you why mom chose me? She went to the shelter with a b/w male cat in mind so Big Ben would have a brother. This was before Loki came to live here. My sister was also b/w but she was very skittish. I am glad I was what mom wanted.

Alone again I am in my cage. My sister got adopted a few days after I did, so i couldn't be in the cage with her. Kelly. Moms adoption advocate at the shelter came and told me I would have to stay one more night, but I was going home tomorrow, she put my food in the cage and another blanket cause mine was wet from the water bowl spilling over. I wanted to go home, but I ate my dinner and layed with the toy she gave me, then went to sleep and dreamed of a home og my own.

The next day I woke up and Kelly told me I was going home. I was excited. She said she talked to my mom on the phone and I was going home today. I was so excited. she gave me breakfast and straightened out my cage one last time. I sat and waited. Finally around 1:30 or so, she came to gert me and told me that my mom was here and I was going home.

I was very skeptical cause having been told I could go home before never came to be. She came back with a blue kitty carrier and put my blankie I was sleeping on in it, she told mom I might feel secure with something familiar, she carried me out to the lobby and I saw mom waiting for me, she had a big smile on her face. She was as happy as I was......I went outside and was put in a big ole Jeep and off we go......

To be continued.

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