Good Morning X

We finally pull up in front of 'home'. Wow, what a big building it is. ee get out of the Jeep and mom opens the back door and gets me out, says goodbye to her sister and thanks her for taking mom to the shelter to get me....X

Mom puts me in the computer room and puts a gate in front of the door, she stays in with me. I get out of my carrier cage: FREE AT LAST!!!! I look around the room, I see a litter box, 3 bowls and 1 has kitten chow and the other has water, the other one is empty. I see toys and a bed. Wow, mom means business as she went out and bought all this stuff for me.X

She then pets me and puts a collar on me with my very own ID tag, then she tells me she will bring the family in one by one to 'meet' me. See, they did that already, all of them were sitting at the gate, so I went over to the gate and meowed, Kali growled at me and she still does, she ran off.....Kelsee hissed and ran off, but now she is very helpful and helps me wash my face after dinner...she is like my cat foster mom now., Benny growled, but now he tolerates me most of the time, unless I wake him up then he gets cranky with me, and Loki just sniffed me and I sniffed him and I wanted bought Loki in and we washed each others faces and then went to the gate....we wanted out...X

Mom gave up and let me out to roam, I had fun sniffing out all the cool stuff, jumping on the couch, sitting in windows, etc.

Now I am and here to stay!!!! YAY!

Tomorrow I will do a surprise!

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