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Fozzy Bear

I am 11 years, 21 days old Male Mixed Breed, my owner is  and I am from United States, Westminster I’m called by Fozzy, Bear Butts, The Foz. I joined United Cats on July 9, 2016.

My birthday is May 1, 2008.

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About me

Quick Bio:-part feral-cat rescueBirthday:May 1st 2008Coloration:TabbyLikes:FOOD & MOMMY CATPet-Peeves:SCARY STUFFFavorite Toy:He really likes his new bunny kick toy in zebra printFavorite Nap Spot:on the love seat or on the dining room chairFavorite Food:ANY but he is very into cheese.Skills:CUTENESS, being sweetDwells:indoors Arrival Story:FOZZY'S MOMMY IS PJ. SHE HAD HIM AND HIS SISTER TIGGER IN OUR BACKYARD. WE FINALLY COULD CATCH HIM AND GET TO THE VETS. HE'S HEALTHY SO HE GATS TO MOVE IN WITH THE REST OF THE MANAGERIE.Bio:FOZZY BEAR IS VERY SKITTISH. HE IS AFRAID OF NOISES QUICK MOVEMENTS ETC.. Fozzy is still very skittish but he is learning to accept love. He likes to be scratched and petted, but on his time-table not yours. There is no rushing Fozzy. He is a very lovable kitty when he lets you love him. He also really likes toys and playing with his younger siblings.

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