Dad Charlie has his tree up and Woody was trying to play with the bulbs. I was sleeping under it last night. Mom Linda said she will put her stuff up next Tuesday. She has no tree though, she lost a lot of her Holiday stuff when the basement flooded. She does have more, but no tree and no ornaments.X

I guess she is at home watching "Gremlins". She had to give my dad some mail and she told him she was watching "Gremlins". I never seen it. Kelsee & Benny are watching it with her unless they are sleeping.

Today we have a partly sunny X day, but a few clouds are around blocking the sunshine. It is cold, only 32* outside, but no wind and no snow. Guess that is alright. I don't care for that cold fluffy white stuff anyway.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening!

Pawhuggz from George & Giz.

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