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I was Male Siamese, my owner was  and I am from United States, Kingston, WA . I joined United Cats on November 3, 2015.

  Date: 20.08.99 - 06.08.12

My birthday is August 20, 1999.

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About me

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Pet Loss Song, Rainbow Bridge - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3COrHRJuo9Y

I'm Stiil Here - http://www.paws2heaven.com/poems/I%20am%20Still%20...

My brother Ginseng and I were found roaming in the woods and rescued by the Animal Shelter. My Mommy was going to the shelter to find a cat for her Mother, but when she saw my brother and I, she fell in love with us at first site, and wanted to adopt us both

The people at the shelter were hesitant to let her have both of us since she already had two male cats at home. They said it was a disaster waiting to happen, to have four male cats in one house.

But with much persuading and begging, she was able to adopt us both. On the ferry trip home, we both meowed the whole time. And so the adventure began.



Goodbyes are not forever

Goodbyes are not the end

They simply mean we'll miss you

until we meet again


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Applehead Siamese (or sometimes called "Traditional Siamease). Creamed colored fur with black points, and beautiful blue eyes.

Favourite food

I only ate dry cat food, any flavor, and I had a very big appetite. Mommie had to put locks on all the kitchen cabinets because I would try to break in and get food.

Favourite toy


My blue donut shaped toy with the balls inside that I would try to get out.


I loved every one and everything. My only dislike was going to the vet.


I loved to get into mischief. I would get in to anything, and everything. I loved playing with my three brothers, and taking naps with them.

This is rather embarrassing, but I liked to follow my siblings around and sniff their rumps. Sometimes this made them mad, but I was just being friends. I guess I was rather of a pesky brother at times, but I just loved my siblings so much.

What makes me special

I was such a beautiful Siamese boy, and so loving. i had so much personality, and while I did get into a lot of trouble, my Mommie was very attached to me.


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