My royal week in the beautiful country of Holland continues. I'm enjoying being king and living in the royal palace.

But the palace staff is not at all pleased with me. I've been up to all sorts of mischief. Actions not becoming of a king. When I was on earth, I was always up to mischief, but when I became an angel, I had to give up my naughty ways and always be good.

But now that I'm back on earth and king for two weeks, all the angel rules go out the door and I can do as I please, or so I think.

I've been having all sorts of fun in the royal palace, jumping on all the furniture. The higher the cabinet, the better, and if there happens to be a priceless figurine or work of art, all the the more fun to knock it over. I broke a very expensive vase this morning and my cat in waiting came running in the parlor, and asked "Oh my King Gitsu, what did you do? Mews just said, "Oops, the vase just fell over. It was not I".

I've also been sneaking into the palace kitchen and getting into the cupboards to eat whatever I can get my paws on. Chef Whiskers caught me in the act this morning and banned me from the kitchen, no matter if I'm king or not. He was very displeased. But I told him I'm king, and he said, not in his kitchen. Oh well, the palace is very big, and plenty of rooms to perform mischief elsewhere.

I must say, I've been keeping the palace staff on their paws. They just don't know what to think of me. Never has there been such a naughty king in the royal palace.

I guess I should settle down a little and attend to my royal duties. Maybe tomorrow, but today, I play!

Yes, life as king is quite grand! X


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