Good evening all.X

Tonight was hockey night. All 5 of us Angels played tonight. Let's see, only 4 games but we all played. kelsee got to sit and watch us all play.

X Angel ShadowX : I play for KA and we lost to the FXP {A Win's team} and A K Win was a star of the game.

X Angel WinstonX : Yeppers, we beat them KA cats 4/2 and I was a star, but of course I did have 2 goals in the game.

X Angel JesseX : My team played The Chicago Blackhawks and we beat them 4/3 in OT. My team is called the OC {Orange Crush} all orange cats or orange/white cats.

X Angel JinxieX : I am on the same team as A Jesse and yes we did win. We use the Nashville Predators as our team.

X Angel ShebaX : I play for TClan and my team lost to Minn Wild. I growled at them as I left the ice. I do not like losing.

Other than hockey tonight, we had a sled race on the Rainbow Bridge today. It was female cats against male cats and wouldn't you know, the girls won. 20 cats on each team. After that some of us went and helped the kittens build some snowmen and we had a snowball fight, too.

Have a pawsome evening!X X

Angel Huggz!!X X X X X X

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