A SHEBA X : Well, I went ice skating today. It was fun. I play Hockey so I am a good skater. A lot of kitties were asking me for help and I was happy to show them. Of course I did fall on my fuzzy butt when I tried to go to fast. {I can be a bit of a show-off}.

A JESSEX : I spent the day with my wife, A Tweetie. We went sleigh riding through the woods. That was fun, then we went ice fishing and I caught 6 fish and we will freeze them for dinner. After that we spent the evening sitting by the fireplace sipping wine and eating berries.

A WINSTONX : I helped a bunch of kitties build snowmen in the village today. That was a lot of fun. Some of them look really nice, we tried real hard to make them look really nice. We happened to have extra hats and scarves.

A JINXX : I spent the day at the Ice Cloud Arena practising my hockey. I have a game tonight. there were lots of OC kitties at the rink, so we practised a lot, even other hockey kitties on different teams were practising today.

A SHADOWX : I spent the day outside having a snowball fight with other animals that were playing. Some of the BIG dogs playing were making some large snowballs and us kitties had to hide so we wouldn't get bombarded. I saw a few dogs building an Igloo, and I went over to help with that, too.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angel Huggz!!!X X X

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