We were cold again today. We topped off at 25*, but it was sunnyX and it wasn't as windy as yesterday. we also had flurries off and on most of the day, but nothing stuck to the ground.

Mom worked today but she got to come home early cause they were slow. At 3:00 her boss told her she was good to go cause it was so slow and that he and his brother would finish up the kitchen work, that was very nice, huh???
Mom thought I got lost last night. I woke up and jumped off her bed and had some food, went to the bathroom and started meowing real loud, scared mom, so she got up and asked me what was wrong, I went to her and started rubbing all over her legs, then she asked me if I lost my way back to her bedroom, isn't she a silly mom???
Well, I sure hope all of you stay warm.
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