Hi allX

Oh cat, is it ever gonna be a cold weekend. It will be dropping below zero for the first time this Winter. Highs for Sat and Sun will barely reach 20*. Poor mom has to hike it to work both mornings and the temps will be around 2-5*. Good thing mom has a warm coat and a hat, scarf and kittens.

Us kitties have it made. we get to stay inside and be in the house where it is toasty warm. We don't have to go out in that cold. Then they are predicting about 3" of snow, too. Not bad considering some of our friends have over 8" of it.X

Oh boy, my sister and brother are tearing through the house like they are both on fire. Ben is chasing Kelsee and she is running at top speed. Make me tired just watching them. Mom is laughing cause kelsee is 15 and still has a lot of fun.X

Stay warm!

Purrz! X X

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