Good afternoon X

Today is another cold day. Only 20*. No snow, but it is windy and it is cloudy, too. I wish it would hurry up and warm up cause we are getting cabin-fever being cooped up in the house, we want to go out on the back porch.

Mom is not feeling well, so she did not even get dressed today. She is still in her blue fluffy fuzzy robe and slippers. She is sitting on the couch watching TV. kelsee is laying on the couch with her.

I was in her bed this morning and she was moving her feet,X and I kept pouncing on them. Mom woke up laughing at me and called me a silly kitty. I enjoy pouncing on moms feet when she moves them.

Petfinder sent mom this picture today of a cat for adoption near her. He is right up at the Petco store not too far from mom. His name is Taylor{mom will change it to "Figaro"}. he is 6 and weighs 12 pounds and is very sweet, loving and cuddly. he's been neutered and is up to date on all shots.

Have a pawsome day!


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